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Senses of the Soul - GuruMeher Khalsa

Senses of the Soul - GuruMeher Khalsa

Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing & Guidance

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Senses of the Soul – Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance is an illustrated guide with meditations and yoga exercises to help you surmount even the most uphill of emotional struggles.

Discover the “SOS Method”. Emotions are the senses of your soul. Recognizing emotions as guides and allowing them to help you transcend suffering and thrive will lead to a more peaceful, abundant life.

Senses of the Soul reveals how to:

  • Allow your emotions to serve you rather than control you.
  • Find answers on your own to solve problems instantly.
  • Quit living with pain and past trauma, and resolve issues at their source.
  • Trust yourself and maintain personal power within relationships.
  • Contains 33 Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Meditations

Discover the deep strength within your sensitivity and gain control over your feelings, so you can transform your emotions into devotion.

"Senses of the Soul is a new way to heal yourself on a deep level. GuruMeher Singh has included practical, proven, and effective techniques to help guide you to a higher state of positive well-being. I highly recommend it."
- Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., Author of Meditation as Medicine.

"Senses of the Soul is for all those who would like to understand the role and function of their emotions, and the ways of taking control over negative emotions on the road toward uninterrupted personal happiness."
- Helen Lavretsky, M.D., M.S., Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior.

GuruMeher Khalsa developed Senses of the Soul working deeply with students and clients for over 30 years. This approach to working with troubling emotions is a powerfully effective way to self-healing, inner guidance, and personal power. The SOS Method has been called The next evolution in therapy and is available to thousands through teaching, coaching and public speaking events. GuruMeher offers video courses with online support through Soul Answer University, and live workshops through

Format: ca. 17,8 x 25,4 cm, soft cover.
350 pages.
Language: English.

Available as:

  • Book (printed edition)
  • Audio Book on USB flash drive, spoken by the author
    incl. 33 guided Kriyas & Meditations

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