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About us

Sat Nam Europe

Sat Nam Europe

Sat Nam Europe

Sat Nam Europe

How it all started

After an intense Yoga-seminar in the mid-1980's, the vision arised to offer high-quality products based on the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda which can support people's health, wellness and life-quality. Soon after that, in 1986, the company Sat Nam Europe was founded - at that time by three partners. Presently, Sat Nam Europe is located in the northern part of the beautiful Nature Park Odenwald in central Germany.

The name SAT NAM is a Mantra, originally based on Sanskrit, and spoken today as Gurmukhi or Punjabi, mainly in the northern part of India. Sat Nam literally means "Truth" or "True Identity".

The owners of Sat Nam Europe, as well as several employees, are certified yoga teachers, and/or officially trained in Ayurveda, with partly over 25 years of experience. Today, we still let ourselves be guided by the same initial spark and inspiration.

Sat Nam Europe's Philosophy

Balance is the way and the goal - and leads to peace which starts right here, in ourselves. When we feel balance, peace, health, abundance and happiness within, and are aligned in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings, that peace will radiate to the outside and help making the world more peaceful.
That's why we believe that it is the strength, as well as the responsibility, of our kind of businesses to create harmony through action which is based both on respectfulness and ecologic economy. We emphasize on cooperation which creates lasting peace and mutually serves all. We do not represent any rigid directions or specific religious beliefs, nor any other one-sided interests, but look at the Universal ONE that is inherent in all living beings.

Our main focus lies in Yoga, Ayurveda, Health and Nature. In our growing global community, we work on making our products available worldwide and in more and more different languages. To let the WITH-each-other become a FOR-each-other and thereby overcome inner limits and outer borders, is part of our vision and the breathing soul of our products.


Since the early 1990's, besides serving as a retailer, Sat Nam Europe is mainly a wholesaler. Since then, a continously growing range of products is at your availability. Many helpful people and partners have supported the development of Sat Nam Europe. Especially our customers have supported us throughout with their excellent proposals and ideas, for which we are deeply grateful!

Selected products - for you

Our products aim for supporting your well-being and balance. They can help finding relaxation in the midst of distracting influences, or to simply (better) enjoy life.
Most of our products are based on timeless ancient wisdom which remains true and valid throughout the ages and is always neutrally available to everyone. Through their identity, authenticity and originality, they can create a solid balance to the hectic life and challenges of our modern times.

One of our main focuses is our complete and vast range of Kundalini Yoga products such as Mantra CDs, Kundalini Yoga Books and Videos in several languages, and much more from the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan brought the science of Kundalini Yoga as well as many ayurvedic recipes to the West in the late 1960's. Through these teachings, and world-famous ayurvedic products such as Yogi Tea, we are continously inspired to serve you with healthy and uplifting products.

We select our products very carefully and pay highest attention to the best possible quality, naturalness, ethics and sustainability. Most of the food- or body care-products are certified organic. Additionally, many carry a Fair Trade certification. Others are controlled and certified with acclaimed methods, for example the BDIH seal.
Many textile products are certified organic or carry the Ecotex-100 label.

Note on the packaging material



Since the late 1990's, we are offering Books, Mantra-CDs, Videos and other products based on the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga through our own publishing business. Since 2007, our publishing activities manifested under the name YogiPress:


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

"Happiness is your birthright."

(Yogi Bhajan).


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