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Ayurvedic Teas & Organic Food

Organic Tea & Food

Organic farming

We make sure that with our products we always provide you with the best possible quality. Most products come from organic / ecological cultivation or natural "wild" growth and, in addition to the organic controls, are regularly controlled for any kind of residues. We have identified the organic ingredientsin with a little star: *. None of our products are tested on animals!

Organic Spices

Spices have fascinated and influenced the Western world for centuries. Their ability to bring some spice and taste in our lives has always been highly valued: in food, drinks and many recipes. India's traditional holistic Naturopathy, Ayurveda, developed and refined the use of spices in combination with herbs and foods. The Doshas, the constitutional types, play an important role.

Our current Organic Certificate

Fair Trade Ingredients

More and more manufacturers no longer produce not only high quality organic ingredients and organic products, but also pay attention to a fair and adequate remuneration of workers and cooperatives in the mostly poorer and exotic cultivation areas. Fair Trade as a conscious action towards a holistic, balanced global economy ensures the preservation of jobs, a healthy social environment, inspiration and appreciation for the work itself, sustainability, and last not least high quality. That's why today many of our Sat Nam products are not only organic but also fair trade-certified.

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea
Yogi Tea is proud to be able to produce all Yogi teas from 100% organically grown herbs and spices. In order to have a sufficient supply of more than 60 exotic spices and herbs from the most remote corners of the earth in biologically-controlled quality, many pioneering achievements were necessary. Some of the Yogi Tea ingredients come from protected areas of the rainforest, where they are cultivated within sustainable farming and offer the natives a major source of their livelihood.

On every Yogi Tea pack, you can find a classification of the ayurvedic effect of that Yogi Tea on the Doshas - Explanation:

V = Vata (Lightness, swiftness. Elements: Ether & Air)
P = Pitta (Power, Manifestation. Elements: Fire & Water)
K = Kapha (Heavy, calm. Elements: Water & Earth)
+ = increasing
- = soothing
o = neutral

More info on Yogi Tea

Hari Tea & Shoti Maa Tea

Hari Tea
The delicious Hari Teas and Shoti Maa teas are compiled by ancient Vedic principles. The herbs, flowers and spices all derive from certified organic cultivation. They are filled in fine cotton bags and individually packaged. In this way, they are "resting", so that they can develop their wonderful aroma once fresh boiling water is poured over them. Experience this ancient knowledge in incomparable recipes and enjoy the pristine silence of the moment - with every cup of Hari Tea.

More info on Hari Tea

Pukka Tea

Pukka Tea
Pukka Tea - Incredible herbs. Incredible taste. From the start of the day until its end - Pukka offer delicious organic herbal teas for all occasions and moments of life. The special blends of herbs, composed by Ayurveda specialist Sebastian Pole, are all rich in taste and of lasting beneficial effect on the body. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of a wise life that promotes harmony and balance between plants, people and environment. Each of the delicious Pukka Tea blends is produced and packaged in the UK. In each pack there are 20 individually wrapped sachets for fresh enjoyment at any time! All Pukka teas contain Fair Trade ingredients.

More info on Pukka Tea

Numi Tea

Numi Tea
Numi's vision is to inspire well-being of mind, body and spirit through the simple art of organic tea. Numi elevates the tea experience through innovation and quality, as well as a commitment to the environment and our global community. Numi Organic Tea blends premium, organic teas and herbs with 100% real fruits, flowers and spices. By using real ingredients and not bitter-tasting tea dust or fannings, it is not necessary to add any flavorings, oils or fragrances. Numi Organic Tea has utilized the alchemy of careful blending to produce an award-winning product line.
Numi Organic Tea lets Nature speak for itself. All of Numi's teas and teasans are USDA Certified Organic and Kosher. Numi works with Fair Trade USA to source as many Fair Trade Certified products as are currently available within Numi's innovation and quality standards. Numi also has worked diligently to fill in the gaps where Fair Trade Certified is not yet applicable.

More info on Numi Tea

Ghee in Bioland Quality

Ghee is clarified butter, which is free of water, milk protein and lactose - the pure butter oil. Ghee is not as hard or creamy as butter, but rather soft and crystalline. It smells wonderfully of butter and has a fine, nutty flavor with a fine cheese touch.

Ghee goes along excellently with all sorts of other ingredients. It can be used as butter or oil, but also as a cosmetic ingredient (as a cream, moisturizing for rough skin, for refreshing the eye area and baby skin care), or as a "natural sleeping agent" when mixed with warm milk.

Organic Ghee is a Life-Elixir based on ancient traditional recipes. It's a real Slow Food - purely natural, without industrial processing, and without any additives.
For many centuries, Ghee has been used for food preparation. The Ayurvedic cuisine uses ghee instead of butter, oil and grease. It ignites Agni, the digestive fire, and is itself highly digestible. It rules the top of the digestible scale of food, before butter, plant-oils and animal fats. It is nutritious and healthy and can be heated without reducing its quality. In addition, it is durable and very longlasting without refrigeration. The consumption of ghee can bind and neutralize toxins in our diet and therefore be a natural support for a long and healthy life.
Ghee is suitable for cooking, frying, steaming and baking (stretch with butter). Ideal for roasting of spices so they can unfold their full flavor. Great on warm toast with herbs and spices.

Ingredients: 99,7 % pur butter-oil from certified organic farming (made from Bioland-Butter).

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Organic Sesame Oil, virgin & matured

Sesame Oil
Our Sesame Oil is produced from first cold pressing in top organic quality: The sesame seeds for our Sesame oil comes from organic farming. Virgin Sesame Oil is raw and left natural, making it suitable for all types of use and high-quality edible oil due to its valuable oil acids. Due to its purity, Virgin Sesame Oil is a perfect base ingredient for ayurvedic massage oils and ayurvedic treatments. Matured Sesame Oil is being heated carefully and slowly and thereby is perfected especially for ayurvedic treatments and massages. On the tradition of Ayurveda, matured Sesame Oil is somewhat thinner and can therefore be better absorbed by the skin so it can unfold its properties even better. Matured Sesame Oil pure and unmixed is suitable a skin oil, whereas in combination with basic ayurvedic herbs it becomes an excellent therapeutic oil.

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Crystalline Salt from the Himalaya Region

Salt from the Himalaya
The preparation of our crystalline salt from the Himalayan region is carried out without any additives. A valuable and absolutely unadulterated natural product - treat yourself to the beneficial effects of nature! The chunks are ideal for the preparation of brine (for regular drinking), but can also be crushed and used in cooking.

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Ayurvedic Tea, Organic Food

Yogi Tea

Yogi TeaYogi Tea - the Ayurvedic Tea Classic: With its seductive fragrance and delicious taste, Yogi Tea is a unique experience. All ingredients certified organic.

Shoti Maa Tea

Shoti Maa TeaShoti Maa Tea is formulated to comfort your senses in different ways. Traditional and special herbs and spices are blended for your meditative well-being.

Hari Tea - A new Dimension

Hari Tea - A new DimensionHari Tea offers a new horizon of tea. Experience the silence. Each Hari Tea is packed in a cotton teabag so it can fully unfold its flavour.

Pukka Organic Tea – Inspiring Change

Pukka Organic Tea – Inspiring ChangeFrom the spring of Morning Time to the calm of Night Time, Pukka offers delicious organic and fair trade herbal and ayurvedic teas to match your every mood.

Maharishi Ayurveda Tea

Maharishi Ayurveda TeaWith delicious blends of selected herbs and spices with a unique aroma, the Maharishi Ayurveda teas promote a pleasant feeling of balance and harmony.

Numi Tea - Celebrating Pure Tea

Numi Tea - Celebrating Pure TeaNumi Tea - wellness through the art of good tea: premium organic teas and herbs blended with fruits, flowers, herbs and spices - without flavors or fragrances.

Guduchi Tea, Tulsi & Co.

Guduchi Tea, Tulsi & Co.The popular classic Guduchi tea in a new packaging and in organic quality. Besides that, there are wonderful, revitalizing blends such as the Tulsi Tea.

Cosmoveda Ayurveda Tea

Cosmoveda Ayurveda TeaThe Cosmoveda Ayurvedic teas are delicious, authentic compositions of fine herbs, noble spices, aromatic fruits and sweet flowers, at any time of the day.

Ayurveda-Coffee & Wellness Drinks

Ayurveda-Coffee & Wellness DrinksAyurvedic drink powders, Ayurvedic coffee, instant chai (also vegan), delicious and soothing organic wellness drinks, soya drinks and much more...

Green Tea organic

Green Tea organicExquisite Green Tea from organic cultivation, refined ayurvedic green tea herbal mixtures, organic Matcha and Sencha, green teas from different countries.

Rooibos Tea organic

Rooibos Tea organicTé Rooibos con un sabor suave y aromático. Desde una perspectiva ayurvédica, se dice que el Rooibos tiene propiedades "refrescantes" y relajantes.

Herbaria Well-being Teas

Herbaria Well-being TeasThe Herbaria Well-being teas are organic herbal compositions, made for various needs and living conditions. They bring comfort and joy into every teacup!

Black Tea organic

Black Tea organicBlack organic tea from Darjeeling, Assam or other cultivation areas, pure and unadulterated, or with brilliant ayurvedic spice blends - truly delicious!

Organic Food

Organic FoodBasmati Rice, Dal & Flour Bio, Hari Crunchy & Organic Muesli, Ghee & Oils, Ayurveda Sugar & Sweeteners, Sprouted Bread, Spread paste, Dry Fruits, Snacks...

Gift Vouchers

Gift VouchersA gift voucher is the best choice when you are uncertain what to give as a present, or when there is very little time for selecting a present carefully.

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Ayurveda-Coffee & Wellness Drinks

Ayurveda-Coffee & Wellness DrinksAyurvedic drink powders, Ayurvedic coffee, instant chai (also vegan), delicious and soothing organic wellness drinks, soya drinks and much more...

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