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Music for Yoga & Meditation

Music for Yoga and Meditation

Music for Meditation, Yoga practice, Dreaming, New Age and New world Music

Our range of CDs includes beautiful compositions, often with mantra-singing, and suitable for all kinds of yoga, meditation, conscious living or simply just for "easy listening" and inspiration. The artists often work together with diverse elements of style and with musicians from various cultural and social backgrounds. So elements of folk, new-age music, indian Raga music, classical, jazz and modern music come together with diverse instruments eg. guitar, piano, synthesiser, string instruments, Indian instruments like sitar, sarod, tabla (and others), percussion, harp or bamboo flute. This music offers the range from flowing compositions to rhythmical, innervating pieces. At the same time, it maintains always an authentic, meditative and deeply involving character, that has the capacity to touch the soul.

Music for Download

You can find many mantras and songs for meditation in our More details...

White Tantra Yoga

White Tantra Yoga - Mantras

This form of Yoga works especially on cleansing the subconsciousness. Old patterns of thoughts and emotions can be released. More details...

Music from Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur
She is a wonderfully bright star in the heavens of spiritual music: Snatam Kaur. The spirit of her music makes her performances a beautiful happening. More details...

Music from Mirabai Ceiba

Mirabei Ceiba
They perform a compilation of original songs in Spanish and English as well as newly arranged chants from different traditions. More details...

Music from Gurudass Kaur

Gurudass Kaur
Gurudass Kaur brings to the realm of mantra music a beautiful depth of voice and feeling that evoke an immediate connection to the state of consciousness that the mantra offers. More details...

Music from Deva Premal & Miten

Deva Premal and Miten
Deva Premal sings with such a simplicity and grace that the qualities of heartfulness of the Mantras is amplified significantly. More details...

Music from Tera Naam

Tera Naam
Tera Naam's music radiates purity, clarity and love, bringing forward a sense of deep calmness and peace. More details...

Music from Gurudass

Gurudass Kaur and Gurudass Singh have set many of these mantras, as given by Yogi Bhajan, to music. With their compositions, they have created a meditative atmosphere to calm your mind. More details...

Music from Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Kaur Khalsa
Her mission is to teach and, through Simran (musical meditation on sacred sounds), to heal. The experience of light and intuition, was delivered to her by Yogi Bhajan, and perfected by well-known Indian Raagis. More details...

Music from Shakti & Shiva

Shakti and Shiva
The German musician couple Shakti & Shiva is one of the most recent enrichments to the spiritual music scene. The combination of electronic and acoustic instruments creates a virtually unique musical form. It combines elements of dance, trance, groove, chill-out, lounge, world, classical and traditional mantra singing. More details...

Music from Sat Hari Singh

Sat Hari Singh
Sat Hari Singh's music is best characterised by his unique style in composing mantras both powerful and sensitive at the same time. More details...

Music from Ram Singh

Ram Singh
Ram Singh's soft and soothing voice conveys peace, protection and warmth and thus takes the mantras deep into your heart. More details...

Music from Jai-Jagdeesh

Jai-Jagdeesh is grown up with Kirtan in her blood and has already published four wonderful CDs, which have imprinted her melodies and her voice deeply into the hearts of listeners and practitioners worldwide. More details...

Music from Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa

Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa
Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa is a pioneer of Kundalini Yoga music. His tunes are Evergreens and are being played in Yoga-studios around the world. More details...

Music from Gurunam Singh Khalsa

Gurunam Singh Khalsa
Gurunam Singh Khalsa shows through his music his devotion for uplifting sounds, which he has composed and perfected in many hours sitting and practising in the Sikh Temple in Espanola, USA. More details...

Music from Sirgun Kaur

Sirgun Kaur
Music has always been an important anchor in her life. When she discovered Kundalini Yoga, chanting and the transforming and healing powers of mantra... More details...

Music from Mardana

Mardana enrobe shabads, spiritual songs and Kundalini Yoga Mantras in a virtuosic musical vestment. More details...

Music from Kamari & Manvir

Kamari and Manvir
Kamari & Manvir resonate sacred devotional mantra into the consciousness through a fusion of energetic electronic grooves. More details...

Music from Mata Mandir Singh

Mata Mandir Singh
As talented and creative musician he was one of the first to publish professional recordings and making them available to a wide audience. He specialised on the Yoga of sound Naad Yoga . More details...

Music and books from Gurunam (J. M. Levry)

Gurunam (J. M. Levry)
Joseph Michael Levry, also known under his spiritual name Gurunam, developed from the Universal Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga the science of Naam Yoga as well as the healing method Harmonyum. More details...

Music from Dave Stringer

Dave Stringer
The Los Angeles Times has declared the experience of chanting with Dave Stringer to be "a departure from ancient kirtan. (...)" More details...

Music from Chardi Kala Jatha

Chardi Kala Jatha
Chardhi Kala Jatha comprises of the three musicians Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, Sada Sat Singh Khalsa and Hari Mander Jot Singh Khalsa. They perform classical Gurbani Kirtan and Kundalini Yoga Mantras in traditional Indian Raag. More details...

Music by YogiPress

Lovingly - Gurudass Kaur CD

Lovingly - Gurudass Kaur CDOur top seller! Gurudass Kaur's album Lovingly contains most wonderful mantra music, including a 28-page booklet withg all mantras and meditations in five different languages.

Circle Of Light - Gurudass CD

Circle Of Light - Gurudass CDThe top-selling album Circle of Light by Guru Dass Singh and Gurudass Kaur is really a great mantra- and meditation CD.

One in Everyone - Tera Naam CD

One in Everyone - Tera Naam CDOn their album One in Everyone, Tera Naam express the full range of their musical skills, making this album a real musical tidbit - a great declaration of love to the Divine and to the Oneness in all of us.
Official music video "Gobinde Mukande" now online!

Servant of the Heart - Sat Hari Singh & Hari Bhajan Kaur CD

Servant of the Heart - Sat Hari Singh & Hari Bhajan Kaur CDSat Hari’s Album Servant of the Heart captures the heart through classical Mantras, ingenious arrangements, wonderful melodies, and the voice of Hari Bhajan Kaur.

Mantra Lounge - Kamari & Manvir CD

Mantra Lounge - Kamari & Manvir CDKamari & Manvir's album Mantra Lounge leads you on an ambient sound-healing journey of sacred Sanskrit & Kundalini Yoga mantras to relax the mind and uplift the spirit.

I Have Found in Me - Mardana CD

I Have Found in Me - Mardana CDMardana’s album I Have Found In Me describes the journey of the soul with great musical depth, making this unique music multifaceted, diversified and full of atmosphere.

Lightness of Being - Satkirin Kaur CD

Lightness of Being - Satkirin Kaur CDThe deeply devotional voice of Sat Kirin's fusion rendered mantras embellished with musical artistry of world-class-format give us this uplifting meditative experience.

Har Ji - Ram Singh CD

Har Ji - Ram Singh CDOne of the Top-Hits at the European Yoga Festival. From zero to the top, as we rarly see it. Ram Singh's debut album Har Ji touches the listner with his warm voice and an incomparable meditative space.

Dance and Meditate! - Shakti & Shiva CD

Dance and Meditate! - Shakti & Shiva CDDance and Meditate! combines powerful Kundalini Yoga Mantras with modern sounds and rhythms, rsulting in a unique music that goes straight to the heart, and to the feet!

Sadhana for Château Anand - Tera Naam CD

Sadhana for Château Anand - Tera Naam CDSadhana for Chateau Anand features not only the full Aquarian Sadhana with stunning melodies and arrangements, but also bonus tracks as well as a rich, colorful music of a rare kind.

Mountain Sadhana - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Mountain Sadhana - Mirabai Ceiba CDWith gentle melodies, sometimes soft and sometimes with dynamic rhythms, Mirabai Ceiba guide you into the dawn of a new day and inspire you from inside with their Mountain Sadhana.

Mantras from Jaap Sahib - Chardi Kala Jatha CD

Mantras from Jaap Sahib - Chardi Kala Jatha CDHere are powerful mantras from Jaap Sahib in classical indian music stlye, sung in traditional Raag by Chardi Kala Jatha, deeply authentic and very meditative. These mantras are perfect for meditation or the practice of yoga.
New production arrived - finally available again!

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