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Communication: Liberation or Condemnation - Yogi Bhajan

Communication: Liberation or Condemnation - Yogi Bhajan

Ph.D. Theses by Yogi Bhajan

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This dissertation is the Ph.D. theses of Yogi Bhajan. It illustrates the interrealtion between communication and infinte-consciousness by using ancient yogic theories, techniques, knowledge and meditations blended with traditional Western concepts and understandings of this topic area.

The power of the spoken word is the power of the divine. Through lack of understanding the essence of interpersonal communication, humans typically abuse themselves, others and God.
The culmination of this work lies in the understanding of effective communication. By so doing, an individual can liberate him/herself and uplift the soul of those to whom he/she speaks. By failing to comprehend this concept, individuals can condemn themselves to the cycles of birht and death. Through effective communication one can indeed merge in infinite consciousness and celebrate the Creator, through His creatures in creation.

72 pages, spiralbound.
Language: English.

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