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 22 Meditations to Identify and Release Your Fears

22 Meditations to Identify and Release Your Fears

Kundalini Research Institute

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As we have all learned, fear is an instinctive reaction that protects us from what our minds perceive as danger. The problem arises when the filters of the mind get entangled and confused between what is a potential danger and what is imaginary projection based on past experiences. However, we have also learned through Kundalini Yoga teachings that fear is often required as a navigation tool. The key is to train the mind to evaluate fears, acknowledge them, and let them go. Another effective way to better deal with fear is to nurture and cultivate love within us. When fear arises, we turn to our practice, quieting the mind and tuning in to our inner self. Because there is no fear when there is love.

22 Meditations to Identify and Release Your Fears is a great book that provides guidance and practical meditations to cultivate love and trust in the unknown while confronting and releasing fears. Through the practice of these 22 meditations, you can find support to observe your fears with a neutral mind and gradually dissolve them. 22 meditations are based on lectures and meditations that Yogi Bhajan tought in the early 1990s, they are like a toolkit to deepen your inner awareness and develop your own caliber.

Among many other things, these meditations will support you in conquering fear of tomorrow, removing deep worries and haunting thoughts, eliminating inner fears, confronting your dualities and self-destructiveness, cultivating inner peace, eliminating tension and stress, knowing through intuition and nurturing emotional resilience. This book is for anyone looking to develop a stronger sense of trust in the unknown and embrace love as the antidote to fear.

Top uses for 22 Meditations to Identify and Release Your Fears include:

  • Overcoming anxiety: The book offers powerful Kundalini Yoga meditations that help you calm your minds and reduce deep worries and haunting thoughts.

  • Enhancing self-awareness: By practicing the meditations in the book, you can develop greater self-awareness and gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and thought patterns.

  • Healing emotional wounds: The book's meditations support you to identify and release deep rooted inner fears and emotional wounds, confronting your dualities and self-destructiveness.

  • Increasing energy and vitality: By practicing the meditations in the book, you can experience greater energy, vitality and mental clarity in your daily lives.

  • Improving relationships: By developing greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence through the meditations in the book, you can improve your relationships with others.

  • Boosting spiritual growth: These 22 meditations can help you nurture your self-love and deepen your connection to yourself, others and the universe.

This book and the Kundalini Yoga meditations are suitable for any Kundalini Yoga practitioner, beginners, intermediary or advanced yogis and yoginis – you will benefit from these meditations with transformational effects in the mind, body and spirit.

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • With illustrations by Janis Souza
  • Dimensions: 7 x 9.18 x 0.2 inches
  • Language: English

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