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NitNem for Travel - Transliteration Only

NitNem for Travel - Transliteration Only

Sikh-Prayers, small with Metal Cover

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This is a small, very compact NitNem with the Baanees, the daily Sikh-Prayers in Transliteration only (no Gurmukhi, no english). The transliteration is easy to read, so that even when you are not so familiar with reading the Baanees, the mantric and meditative power is easily revealed within a deeper yogic experience of the Naad - the divine sound current.


  • Jap Ji Sahib (Morning prayer)
  • Jaap Sahib
  • Tav Prasaad Savaiye
  • Chaupaee Sahib
  • Anand Sahib (Prayer of Bliss)
  • Rehraas Sahib (Evening Prayer)
  • Ardaas
  • Kirtan Sohila (Night Prayer)

This Nitnem comes in a special small size, with solid metal front cover and hard backside, which makes it very durable and longlasting, so it can travel and stay with you at any occasion.

Size ca. 7,5 x 10, 3 cm.
204 pages.
Weight approx. 115 gms.

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