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 Jap Ji - Meditation of the Soul - Snatam Kaur Book + 2 CD-Set

Jap Ji - Meditation of the Soul - Snatam Kaur Book + 2 CD-Set

Light of the Naam - Daily Practice & Learning Tool, An Essential Guide to Jap Ji Sahib

Item No: KH-847
11,90  incl. 7% VAT

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A saint and sage of the 15th Century in India, Guru Nanak's universal message of love and peace can be experienced in his poetry and recitations. The Jap Ji, Guru Nanak’s Meditation of the Soul, is a direct transmission of his enlightenment experience, or Jal Samadhi. After three days under the river, Guru Nanak emerged to share his vision that all beings, no matter what their walk of life, have the Divine Light within, and that we can each access that Light. Guru Nanak gave us Jap Ji, as a way to experience our own enlightenment as our souls awaken in the recitation of these sacred words.

This Learning Tool includes:

  • Pronunciation Guide (in English)
  • Jap Ji in the Original Gurmukhi, Transliteration (Roman) and English Translation
    Book format: approx. 14 x 12,7 cm. 108 pages. Language: English
  • 2 CDs to aid you in mastering the practice of Jap Ji

The First CD includes:
Jap Ji Meditation (31:17): A peaceful recitation of Jap Ji with Snatam Kaur.
Tantric Jap Ji Meditation (18:36): A tantric style recitation of Jap Ji done with male and female voices, alternating back and forth with each line. This tantric style of recitation is traditionally used at the beginning of the Aquarian Sadhana, the daily spiritual practice in Kundalini Yoga given by Yogi Bhajan.

The Second CD includes:
Jap Ji Learning Tool (51:05): A slow recitation of Jap Ji, line by line, with a response that you can follow along with. Master the rhythm of the words and develop the facility and skill to recite it on your own.

Snatam Kaur is one of the most popular musician and peace activist, not only in the Kundalini Yoga world, who has taught and shared Naad Yoga - The Yoga of Sound – in her wonderfully inspiring way through her recorded CDs, concerts and workshops for over 15 years.

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