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 Mastery of the True Self - Sadhana Singh

Mastery of the True Self - Sadhana Singh

The Discipline of Love through Sadhana, Aradhana & Prabhupati

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The evolutionary process of human life is to become ourselves, complete and competent. We can see this progression as awakening and transforming. In Kundalini Yoga, the three stages of spiritual development are Sadhana, Aradhana, and Prabhupati.”

Sadhana Singh

Human life needs a myriad of things to manifest itself in its full potential. In his book Mastery of the True Self, Sadhana Singh shares how yogic discipline can support you in your journey of self-manifestation and self-realization as a unique human being. “Discipline” is presented here as a spiritual tool for self-evaluation, self-acceptance, and self-projection. A tool that can produce substantial, predictable, and repeatable changes in your physiological systems and in your consciousness. Learning to view yourself under the lens of discipline helps you to unveil those things that keep you from being truly who you are and living a conscious, healthy, and happy life.

By exploring Sadhana, Aradhana, and Prabhupati – the three facets of the path towards your highest Self –, Sadhana Singh invites you to delve deeper into the reasons why the human being, already perfect in creation, needs discipline to experience the true self and be able to live life freely, with love and happiness.

Lead by Sadhana Singh’s insights based on decades of experience, we come to understand that developing ourselves is a form of spiritual training that provides us with a clear and complete perception of ourselves, of our own personal circumstantial reality, and of our Infinite Reality.

Mastery of the True Self explores bit by bit the elementary parts of the gradual process of building a solid foundation for igniting our awareness and manifesting our true highest self.

  • + 54 Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Yoga sets and Meditations for developing your relationship with your Self and conquer your discipline.
  • Many of the yoga sets and meditations have never been published in a book before.

Dimensions: approx. 21,6 x 28 cm
Soft Cover, 316 pages
Language: English

Front pages as PDF
Sadhana Singh is a Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer committed to teach and empower new teachers and future trainers internationally. An inspired author, he wrote 15 books in the past three decades about the practice, discipline, and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga and its different applications in the many fields of human life.

He is also a dedicated counselor for individuals and companies, addressing the Science of Mind and the Humanology for creativity, excellence, leadership, and success. He developed a series of Specialty Courses: “The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success”, “Guru Leadership” and “Kundalini Yoga Counseling”. From this background, he created Aequanime, a project that holds the mission to spread the yogic lifestyle, nutrition, and techniques to help people manifest their potential.

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