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 From Where You Are to Who You Are - Sadhana Singh

From Where You Are to Who You Are - Sadhana Singh

Three meditations for the Sensory-Self

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”Life starts from that day when you realize who you are.
From that day onward, you want to build who you should be.
When you have built to the extent that you are who you should be,
from then onward, you have the right to overflow, to share…
First there has to be a glass. Then it has to be filled.
And then, finally, it can overflow.”

- Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is called the Science of Reality because, through a shift of consciousness induced by an action on the matter - whether physically or mentally, it guides the individual on the journey from where he is to who he is.

On this journey, the individual is transformed: the identity is always the same, but the human being moves from a lack of consistency with his own identity - where he is - to a total consistency with his identiy: who he is. This process is the result of something that, while often not active, however is innate in all human beings: the Self-Sensory System.

This book describes the three major Kundalini Yoga meditations: Sat Kriya, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and Kirtan Kriya which Yogi Bhajan suggested we should practice if we want to cross the transition to the Age of Aquarius successfully. All three meditations, each with a specific focus, stimulate the Self-Sensory System. From where you are to who you are gives shape to the experience, gained through practice and study of these three meditations, and presents them in a modular structure.
The aim is to stimulate the reader to experience firsthand the techniques, facilitating access and highlighting common elements through the description and effects, posture and analysis of mudra, in-depth examination of the mantras, notes on numerology and references, to yogic anatomy.

From Where You Are To Who You Are is a unique book with the quality of a rare jewel that bears an in-depth light offering you a chance to live better, feel better and share better.

Format: A5, ca. 21 x 14,8 cm.
112 pages.
Language: English.

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