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The True Name - Osho

The True Name - Osho

Talks of the Japuji Sahib of Guru Nanak

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Guru Nanak, the enlightened mystic and founder of Sikhism, speaks in praise of God not as a pundit, but as if inebriated. Nanak made his sadhana, his practice, out of song. Nanak’s words are the words of a poet, a bard and a lover of beauty.
Sharing His insight on the beauty of Nanak’s words, Osho says Nanak’s poems are like uncut stones, not guided by any rule or conditions or any effort to beautify his language. They are not changed and arranged. They are just as Nanak uttered them. These are words that were spoken and not written; therefore no account is kept of the rhythm or the cadence or even the language.

Bringing out the essence of Japuji, Osho says: “The Japuji were Nanak’s first proclamations after the union with the Beloved. The Japuji are the very first words uttered by him after self-realization; therefore they hold a very special place in the sayings of Nanak. The Japuji is the first gift from Nanak to the world. They are the latest news brought back from the kingdom of heaven.”

"To appear before God, to attain the beloved, are purely symbolic terms and not to be taken literally. There is no God sitting somewhere on high before whom you appear. But to speak of it, how else can it be expressed? When the ego is eradicated, when you disappear, whatever is before your eyes, is God himself. God is not a person -- God is an energy beyond form."

Spoken with authority, clarity, sharpness and humor, Osho’s insights into the JapuJi of Guru Nanak adress both the timeless and timely concerns that tend to escape our notice in the clamor and overload of daily life. Osho's commentary is considered to be the best of all, even in the Sikh community.

Re-print, now available again, in one single book!
Paperback, 528 pages.

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