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Transformation Vol. 1: Mastering the Self

Transformation Vol. 1: Mastering the Self

VOLUME ONE - 91 Kriyas & Meditations

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Volume One: Mastering the Self

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

“The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is transformation.”Yogi Bhajan

Mastery is no longer a mystery. Align the You within you—master the Self—embody your identity, experience your breath and expand your radiance. Here are the tools you need to balance your chakras, discipline your mind, clear out the past and renew the present in order to manifest your future. Strengthen your vitality and resilience; determine your destiny as you transition through every age and stage of life.

These 91 kriyas and meditations, drawn from the Transformation: Level Two Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training courses, are organized to facilitate your personal practice and deepen your experience of the Self. Many of these kriyas were selected specifically for Level Two and have never been available before! Practice something new or master something familiar with this newest collection from the Kundalini Research Institute.

Topics in Volume One: Mastering the Self include

  • Chapter One: Identity & the Self
  • Chapter Two: Riding the Breath
  • Chapter Three: Strengthening Your Radiance
  • Chapter Four: Mastering the Tattvas & Balancing the Chakras
  • Chapter Five: Dhyana, Dharana & Pratyahar
  • Chapter Six: Clearing the Subconscious
  • Chapter Seven: Renewing the Brain
  • Chapter Eight: Vitality
  • Chapter Nine: Resilience
  • Chapter Ten: Transitions: Rebirthing, Living & Dying

Mastering the Self was organized not only for individual practice but also for Kundalini Yoga teachers. Develop workshops, plan thematic 6-week courses, or assign individual sadhanas with ease. Using each chapter, individually, or combining topics gives you limitless possibilities.

With Transformation: Seeds of Change for the Aquarian Age, a two-volume series: Mastering the Self and Serving the Infinite, the tools and technologies of Level Two Teacher Training are at your fingertips.

Also available: Transformation Volume Two: Serving the Infinite

Format ca. 21,5 x 27,9 cm. Many pictures, 186 pages.
Language: English.

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