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 Physical Training- Kundalini Research Institute

Physical Training- Kundalini Research Institute

A Fusion of Yoga & Calisthenics to Sweat, Stretch, and Meditate Every Day

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ISBN: 979-8-9886160-1-6
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43 yoga and calisthenics sets, plus 3 warm-ups to awaken and strengthen the body, mind and spirit

An amazing collection of invigorating exercise sets to explore the integration of movement and breath, nourish your inner being and promote mindfulness.

Physical Training is a combination of intensive yet captivating workouts that extend beyond the realms of mere physical exertion and serve as steps towards resilience, strength, and wellbeing.

Imagine embracing the vitality of calisthenics, the serenity of yoga, and the purposefulness of functional movements, all entwined in symbiotic fitness sets to sweat, stretch, dance, and meditate.

It’s not just about building strength or endurance. It’s about cultivating a holistic state of being that resonates through your chakras, energizes your nervous system, and invigorates your very core.

Physical Training Main Features:

  • Yoga & Calisthenics Fusion:
    A unique blend of yoga, calisthenics, and functional movements for a comprehensive fitness experience.

  • Chakra and System Work:
    Exercises designed to stimulate and work on all chakras, the nervous system, glandular system, and internal organs.

  • Daily Sweat, Stretch, and Meditate:
    A holistic approach to daily exercise, incorporating elements of sweating, stretching, dancing, and meditation.

  • Ancient Wisdom Integration:
    Drawing on yogic teachings to promote a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

  • Long-Term Health Focus:
    Emphasis on maintaining health and strength for the long term, considering how one will feel in the future.

  • Discipline Building:
    Leverage the exercises in the book to build mental, physical, and spiritual discipline, helping you navigate life’s challenges with a steady and resilient presence.

Who is Physical Training For:

  • Yoga Enthusiasts
    Individuals passionate about incorporating invigorating yoga sets into their daily routines.

  • Fitness Aficionados
    People seeking dynamic and challenging workouts to enhance their physical fitness.

  • Calisthenics Practitioners
    Those interested in the fusion of yoga and the energizing power of calisthenics.

  • Meditation Practitioners
    People interested in combining physical activity with meditation practices.

  • Health and Wellness Advocates
    Those focused on maintaining overall well-being, including physical, mental, and spiritual health.

  • Aging Adults
    Individuals concerned with maintaining health and strength as they age.

Compiled by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute)

  • Soft cover, 230 pages
  • Format approx. 23,3 x 17,8 cm
  • Language: English.

Table of contents for Physical Training

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