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Bye Bye Stress, in 9 Minutes or Less - Sat Kirtan Kaur

Bye Bye Stress, in 9 Minutes or Less - Sat Kirtan Kaur

Nine powerful practices to find health & happiness

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ISBN: 978-90-825772-0-4
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NineMinMax Business Yoga is based on Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. By reading Sat Kirtan Kaur‘s book Bye Bye Stress, in 9 Minutes Or Less, and participating in this practice, you will discover your potential to focus your attention inwards, creating an awareness of the sensations you are experiencing.

Bye Bye Stress, in 9 Minutes Or Less will bring postive Kundalini Yoga vibes into your workplace and home, and illuminate the path to be happy and healthy. With clarity, depth, humor and compassion, Sat Kirtan shares her wisdom for everyone in the business- and yoga world: executives, administration, clerical staff, technicians, whatever the role, whatever the setting, this book is for you.

Sat Kirtan will guide you in her NineMinMax® Business Yoga program and make sure every participant develops more peace within. Each of the nine practice themes focuses on a specific aspect of challenging life and work environment, such as stress, work-life balance, working women, and many more. Do the practices in the book and you will experience true spiritual wealth!

"This is material that readers can put into action immediately and experience the benefits right away. Really well done! May you reach those who are most in need of this sacred technology. I love the excellence of the layout and the simplicity of the content."
- Guruka Singh Khalsa, CEO and original Founder of SikhNet, teacher and writer

"These powerful meditations have been proven therapeutically to significantly reduce insomnia, anxiety and depression. In my own medical practice I have seen the positive effects of these regular yoga practices for patients suffering from cancer and heart and spinal conditions. I fully recommend them to you today."
- Göran Boll, Founder & Director of MediYoga Institute Sweden

  • Format approx. 16 x 21 cm
  • Soft-covered spiral binding for practical use
  • Full-coloured throughout
  • Many beautiful illustrations, photos and graphics
  • 159 pages
  • Language: English

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