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Shabd Guru - Quantum Technology - Yogi Bhajan

Shabd Guru - Quantum Technology - Yogi Bhajan

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The massive overload of information we will all be subjected to can destroy the balance of the mind and create conditions of unimaginable disorientation. We have mapped out these syndromes and changes both in the present and for the future. The Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru can help thousands of people in these ways: to regain lost balance, to strengthen virtues already developed, and to overcome obstacles. Those who practiced the techniques of the Shabd Guru excelled with stamina and motivation, gained clarity in their values and direction in life, dropped addictive habits, and were healed from many mental and physical aliments.

The outcome of our times and of the intense shift of Age depends on our ability to assess and command our own consciousness. The demands of this great change of our time require that each of us use, master and apply the inner technology of the Shabd Guru. Using the Shabd Guru we can quickly and effectively find the calm eye of this mental and social storm of change. From this place of inner stillness, we can find our focus so we may excel and be happy.

The impact of the Shabd Guru comes from its masterful use of the technology of sound and rhythm. It is a "quantum technology. " A technology is the application of a science. The sound patterns of the Shabd Guru are based on the science of sound. In the West this would be the science of reflex to create changes in neurotransmitters to command the state of the brain and mind. It is "quantum" because it manipulates the smallest particles of sound and energy into effective combinations and patterns. It uses the quantum patterns like seeds that act as blueprints for constructing larger patterns. The atoms of sound build the molecules of language, thought and mind.
When we chant or sing a mantra or Shabd (longer, mantric verses), the reflex points on the upper palate are stimulated by the movements of the tongue, and you can get the maximum benefit from the pattern of a Mantra or Shabd by consciously repeating the sounds out loud. That is called "Jappa" -conscious, conscientious recitation.Rotating the tongue over the 84 reflex points of the upper palate in the pattern of the Mantra or Shabd produces the maximum impact on the gross level of the neuro-endocrine system.

As the Shabd gets established in the nervous system and your subconscious, every cell of your body will vibrate the pattern with you. In that ideal state the resource released by the Shabd Guru is always available to you, regardless of the momentary focus of your attention on daily tasks.

Language: English.
Fornat ca. A4, 40 pages, spiral bound.

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