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Heal your Back Now! - Nirvair Singh Khalsa (book)

Heal your Back Now! - Nirvair Singh Khalsa (book)

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ISBN: 978-1889679457
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Nivair Singh's book Heal Your Back Now! is already as classic amongst the Kundalini Yoga literature. It will give you an overview of the "Heal your back now!"-system and will give you a specific plan of action to follow on your path of wellness.

Heal Your Back Now! includes:
- Perspectives on the true nature of healing
- Common biomechanical causes of back pain and how to correct them
- Herbal and nutritional supplements to aid in the healing process
- Explanations of the emotional causes of back pain vertebra by vertebra
- Affirmations to speed the healing process for specific areas of the back
- Illustrated Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan exercise series for a healthy back
- Kundalini Yoga meditations and mantras to accelerate recovery
- A specific plan of action to follow on your path of wellness.

Format: ca. A5
138 pages, with many illustrations
Language: English.

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the best ever for your back

This is the best book I ever came accross for healing my back. I cannot understand though why it never has been translated into German or French. I have many non-English speaking friends to whom I would like to offer it.

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