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Divine Relationships - Nam Kaur & Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

Divine Relationships - Nam Kaur & Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

Two Bodies, One Soul - Kundalini Yoga & Meditations for Couples

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What is a divine relationship? One in which both partners desire to achieve a sense of oneness. In a divine relationship the goal is to merge and become two bodies and one soul. Merger is the align¬ment of two electromagnetic fields so the consciousness, the truth they live, is in harmony. This may sound mysterious, but the soul is a nugget of truth, so becoming one soul means sharing and living one truth.
People fear that if they invest in a relationship and become something new, the other person may walk away with a piece of them. They wonder if they will lose their individual identity. The beauty of merger is that you retain your uniqueness and merge with your partner.

”Love is consciousness of living in another being and experiencing yourself.”
- Yogi Bhajan.”

Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan™, you can create a more loving and committed relationship in which you and your partner merge. If you don't have a partner, many of these tools can help you attract a spiritual mate.
We'll use what yogis believe to be the secret of life - the power of the word. Changing the vibration of your day-to-day communication with your partner will have immediate impact, while the use of mantras in meditation will have subtle, long-term effects.

In Divine Relationships: Two Bodies, One Soul, you will discover how to attract a spiritual partner, communicate more effectively, enhance sexual vitality and potency, and merge with your partner.

Nam Kaur and Dr. Siri Atma Singh share the spiritual love lessons they and other couples have found most valuable, and reveal personal insights on building intimacy in a loving and committed relationship.

”He never knows the ‘she’ and she never knows the ‘he’ until they both merge in higher consciousness.”

Yogi Bhajan believed that in love and marriage a couple could become "two bodies and one soul." The Kundalini Yoga and Meditations selected for Divine Relationships will help you find a partner of caliber, release the pain of past relationships, clear the clouds between you and your partner, achieve marital and financial stability, and energize your current relationship.
The book is full-colored throughout, the attractive layout and the beautiful photos and illustrations make it a very inspiring and soul-nurturing piece of wisdom – and a great gift for your Beloved!

Format ca. 17,9 x 25,4 cm. Softcover, 166 pages.
Full-colored, many photos and illustrations.
Language: English.

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