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Yoga Morning Sadhana - Gurutrang Singh CD

Yoga Morning Sadhana - Gurutrang Singh CD

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Joyful Sadhana chants to welcome the new day! Gentle, clear and easy-to-meditate-with musical renditions of Kundalini Yoga morning mantras in subtle, contemporary, folk guitar-choral arrangements.
Resound Unto Infinity With Gurutrang!

"EVERY word spoken by a man is called 'mantra'. Mantra means mental vibration. "Ta-ra" means "trang." "Trang" means resound. Whatever resounds unto Infinity is called "trang.""
Yogi Bhajan, September 6, 1989.

"Yoga Morning's magnificent mantras were recommended by Yogi Bhajan for daily practice and deep stress reduction during the challenging 21-year cusp of the Aquarian Age, June 21st 1992 through 2014. Recognized, perfected masters in a state of divine union originally spoke these tried-and-true sounds. Through recitation or simply listening anytime of day, the practitioner replicates those masters' dynamic stream of consciousness.
Resounding unto Infinity is a self-healing yogic science and exercise. Chanting causes the tongue and air currents to stimulate 84 acupuncture meridian points located on the upper palate and initiates an algorithm or computational sequence. Perfecting this exercise directly facilitates attunement of the central nervous and glandular systems, bringing all human virtues, including but not limited to equilibrium, focus, prosperity, happiness, creativity and contentment. ENJOY!!!"
(Dr. Gurutrang Singh Khalsa)


  • Waah Yantee (07:24)
  • Mool Mantra (07:04)
  • Sat Siri Siri Akal (07:14)
  • Rakhay Rakhanhar (07:54)
  • Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (22:39)
  • Guru Ram Das Chant (05:07)

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