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 European Yoga Festival - Various Artists, 2 CD-Set

European Yoga Festival - Various Artists, 2 CD-Set

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At the site of the Chateau de Fondjouan in the heart of France, close to Blois in the beautiful valley of the Loire, each year more than 2000 yogis and yoginis gather for one week at the European Yoga Festival. One of the many highlights there are the live music performances - Mantras and Songs full of inspiration and spiritual expression, often joined by the many hundreds of voices of the participants, forming a powerful giant choir.

This unique musical energy can be captured on this 2-CD Set. Moshik Kop, for many years head of the the Sound Team and mastermind of the spiritual music-label Maya Records in England, recorded all music events of the Yoga Festival 2007 live, selected the best ones, and carefully mixed and mastered them. This gives you a unique insight into the European Yoga Festival, which lets you "dive" into the Festival energy and allows you to partake in this wonderful uplifting experience.

Disc 1 contains different mantras performed by various artists as well as the Gong meditation by Nanak Dev Singh, and, as another highlight of the Festival, the Festival meditation of that year, I am the Light of the Soul by Gurudass Kaur.

Disc 2 contains a complete Sadhana (Morning Meditations). Each Sadhana Mantra is performed by another artist or band. Disc 2 is accomplished with the “Yoga Nidra” lead by Satya Singh and framed by the angelic sounds of the harp and voices of the band Mirabai Ceiba.

2-CD Set!


1. Adi Mantra (Ong Namo…) – Sada Sat Kaur & Sada Sat Singh (03:17)
2. I am the Light of the Soul – Gurudass Kaur (10:36)
3. Rakhe Rakhanhar – Shabad Simran Kaur (02:48)
4. Mul Mantra – Prof. Surinder Singh & Raj Academy (08:41)
5. Ra Ma Da Sa – Satkirin Kaur (10:20)
6. Pavan Guru Pani Pita – Benjahmin (07:08)
7. Sat Siri Siri Akal – Aurora (07:11)
8. Ang Sang Wahe Guru – Gurudass Kaur (03:47)
9. Sat Narayan – Mirabai Ceiba (06:09)
10. Har Haray Hari – Gurudass Kaur (04:04)
11. Gong Meditation – Nanak Dev Singh (07:06)

DISC 2 - complete Sadhana Mantras:
1. Ek Ong Kar (Monring Call) – Karam Kriya School (06:51)
2. Wha Yantee – Karam Kriya School (08:57)
3. Mul Mantra – Sat Kirin Kaur (07:27)
4. Sat Siri Siri Akal – Mardana (07:10)
5. Rakhe Rakhanhar - Sada Sat Kaur & Sada Sat Singh (07:26)
6. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio – Mirabai Ceiba (22:21)
7. Guru Ram Das Chant – Karta Singh & Friends of Amritnam Sarovar (05:50)
8. May the Long Time Sun – Jap Singh Khalsa (02:38)
9. Yoga Nidra – Satya Singh & Mirabai Ceiba (011:16)

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