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 Anhad - Prof. Surinder Singh CD

Anhad - Prof. Surinder Singh CD

Beyond Sound

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Anhad translates as the unstruck sound, the sound beyond, the unheard, the essence of the sound current Naad. This CD takes the listener on a blissful journey through the art and science of Gurmat Sangeet, sacred music sung and played according to a powerful technology given by the Sikh Guru. Prof. Surinder Singh is a gifted master and teacher of Nád Yoga and stands for the purity of this healing science.

The sound on this CD is a bit more rich and elaborate than on his monumental masterpiece Mere Mun. It is the first CD ever to feature all six traditional instruments, created, promoted and played by the Gurus in the historic times.


  • Shaan & Mangalacharan - Rag Majh (3:54)
  • How Gholi Jeeo Ghol Ghumaee (Mera Man Lochai) - Rag Majh (12:52)
  • Aisay Laalan Paiyo Ree Sakhi - Rag Asa Asawari (7:39)
  • Gopal Tera Aarta - Rag Dhanasri (6:36)
  • Raam Simar Pachtayaehga mann - Rag Maru (11:02)
  • Man Tan Tera Fhan Bhi Tera - Rag Majh (12:44)
  • How Bal Bal Bal Bal Saadh Jana Kow - Rag Kanra (12:20)

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