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 Sadhana for Château Anand - Tera Naam CD

Sadhana for Château Anand - Tera Naam CD

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During their nine months stay and supportive selfless work at the beautiful site of Château Anand in the heart of France near Poitiers, the two artists of Tera Naam, Hansu Jot Singh and Dharam Kaur played the Aquarian Sadhana every morning – and this is how the music for this Sadhana-CD came into existence. Being in that yogic environment, they learned a lot about the reality of community life and were amongst the ones to be there so early – and to live there before Château Anand even officially opened the gates.

Hansujot Singh and Dharam Kaur enriched the daily yogic routine consisting of morning prayer, Kundalini Yoga and the Aquarian Sadhana meditations, as they were handed over by Yogi Bhajan, with their vivid, flowing and beautifully gentle music. Listening to this album, Sadhana for Chateau Anand, will make you become part of this flow, and will bring you the harmony and the magic of this wonderful place and all the people who serve it. Merge in the totality of all, find inner peace and set the levels right to luminously begin your day!

Sadhana for Château Anand features fantastic music: not only does this album contain the full Aquarian Sadhana with wonderful melodies and arrangements, including an incredible version of the Long Ek Ong Kars which is both chanted accurately as well as mystically guiding you to a place beyond our dimensions. It also features an inspiring new composition of the closing song May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You and, as a bonus-track, the heart-melting song Rays of the Sun which is in itself a little sparkling jewel beyond description.
And by the way, the Wahe Guru Jio is one of the rare available versions where the mantra can be chanted 4 times on one breath - while the dynamic music carries you into spheres beyond our earthly existance...
The rich and versatile instrumentation carries the outstandingly beautiful vocal layers of the two artists and blend them into a meditative space which is colorful and uplifting, yet calm, centered and focused in order to perfectly support you in your meditation or yoga practice.

Sadhana for Château Anand also contains a beautiful 24 pages booket with the mantras, translations and explanations, the song-texts, as well as an inspiring introduction to Château Anand, framed by many wonderful pictures.

Sadhana for Château Anand is a non-profit project. All profits of the sales of this CD are donated to the Château Anand project in order to help building up the land and the buildings so they can serve and host Yogis, Yoginis and spiritual groups from around the world, today and in the future.
Château Anand is destined to be the home of 3HO Europe and the European Kundalini Yoga Festivals – we pray that this wonderful CD and its uplifting music may be a humble contribution to fulfill this destiny.

Artists on Sadhana for Chateau Anand:

Hansu Jot Singh Vocals, Guitar, Harmonium, Piano, Bamboo-Flute, Synthesizer
Dharam Kaur Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Harmonium
Guru Surya Singh Tablas, Udu, Percussions
Gurbasant Singh Bass, Percussions, 12-string Guitar, Synthesizer.


  • Long Ek Ong Kar (08:14)
  • Wha Yantee (07:40)
  • Mul Mantra (08:10)
  • Sat Siri Akaal (08:25)
  • Rakhe Rakhanhar (08:18)
  • Wahe Guru Jio (24:16)
  • Guru Ram Das (06:07)
  • Long Time Sun (01:53)
  • Rays of the Sun (04:38)

Further Info about the Château Anand Project:

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the seva of sadhana

wonderful, both musical and conceptual.

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