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 Amana - Amrit Sadhana Singh & Friends CD

Amana - Amrit Sadhana Singh & Friends CD

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Amana means "Peace" in Punjabi . Other meanings from other cultures for Amana are Honesty and Loyalty, Trust and "Carry out the task". In the celtic tradition, Amana means "Creek" - therefore, in early times many rivers were simply called "Amana". So it also means "to let flow".

These meanings for the word Amana are absolutely perfect for describing the energy and effects of the Mantras and Shabads on Amrit Sadhana Singh's album Amana. Together with selected co-musicians a wonderful CD has been created which is not just made for listening, but that can quite practically used for active yoga and meditation, energy flow and inner alignment. With Ra Ma Da Sa, Ad Gureh Nameh and Sat Narayan also three classic Kundalini Yoga mantras were selected which are perfect for 11-minute meditations.

Bow down to the primal truth: Ād gur-ē nameh. Tame your mind and meditate on God's name Sat Nām: Bhaja man mēre. Experience healing and send out healing in return: Rā Mā Dā Sā. By the miracle from the realm of Guru Ram Das Dhan Dhan Ram Dās Gurū, you climb the throne of Divinity: Ēka mai. It makes you wise and holy and you find inner peace: Sat Narāyan. Send peace out into the world!


  • Ād gur-ē nameh (10:55)
  • Bhaja man mēre (06:33)
  • Rā Mā Dā Sā (11:08)
  • Dhan Dhan Ram Dās Gurū (08:40)
  • Ēka mai (10:15)
  • Sat Narāyan (10:43)

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