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Gurudeva - Sat Hari Singh CD

Gurudeva - Sat Hari Singh CD

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After his popular albums Servant of the Heart and Song of the Soul, Sat Hari Singh took a good amount of creative time to work out, chisel and refine his stunning new project: with the sophisticated result, his album Gurudeva, he and his high-profile fellow musicians exude inspiration, wisdom, love and inner confidence in a rich musical atmosphere - perfect for yoga, meditation and inner serenity.

The highly vibrating Mantras and Shabads, together with soulful arrangements and the creative ideas from fellow musicians such as the Duo Tera Naam or tabla player and percussionist Tripp Dudley make Gurudeva a spiritual listening experience of the special kind. In this brightly lit room then sparkles a small, extra shining jewel - the prayerful poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, wonderfully put to music by Sat Hari Singh: Von guten Mächten ("By Gracious Forces") tells of the inexhaustible source of inner confidence and happiness even in the most difficult times - and this, quite unusually, in its original German language!

Through its musical diversity and the felicitous mix of quiet and lively pieces, Sat Hari's album Gurudeva has all the potential of being a real evergreen classic!


  • Pavan Guru (07:48)
  • Bani Guru (04:06)
  • Von Guten Mächten (08:36)
  • Dukh Bhanjan (04:48)
  • Anand (05:40)
  • Ang Sang Wahe Guru & Chattr Chakra Vartee (06:42)
  • Guru Gobind Singh's Shakti Meditation (11:24)
  • Guru Ram Das Chant (06:18)
  • Khalsa - Agia Bhe-i Akal Ki (04:28)

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