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Love is in Silence - Mardana CD

Love is in Silence - Mardana CD

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After the German trio Mardana performed musically luscious and realized many creative ideas on their previous album I Have Found In Me…, the three musicians Satkaram Kaur, Gurusurya and Gurbasant Singh take another approach for their album Love is in Silence: calm and steady, deeply meditative, and with a deliberate inwarded direction. And unlike their previous album, here most of the compositions come from Satkaram Kaur.

From the very beginning, Love is in Silence has been designed as a perfect musical tool for meditation, yoga practice and yoga classes: straightforward, meditative and multi-layered, catchy, reduced and focused.

It would not be a Mardana album, however, if
there weren’t the beautiful melodies, the gentle and sometimes rousing rhythms of percussionist and singer Gurusurya, and especially the heart-warming vocals, which Mardana is known and loved for. Without long intros and outros, without solos or many extras, Love is in Silence reveals this unique strength of Mardana: the soft tones "between the notes", the subtle arrangements, and the sensitively layed-out instruments.

Above this fine musical garment floats the polyphonic singing, retaining an important leading energy and inner calmness for meditation throughout, unobtrusively inspiring the depths of the soul. And if you listen carefully, you will discover fine and playful embroideries in this softly flowing robe, which, however, always blend in discreetly in the background.

The starting point for the development and "core" of this album is the
track Re Man 11,000 Japas: a fast version of the Re Man Shabad, which is particularly well suited to repeat this mantra for a "Golden Aura" in a total of 11,000 times! In the download area, there is an extra version of this track without the short intro and outro, which you can play looping again and again, so that there is no break.

The first track on the album,
Re Man Trance, is the necessary counterpart to the fast version: calm, fluent, meditative, catchy and trance-like, so you can deeply internalize this special mantra.

The mantra
Hari Naam Sat Naam as well as the Pauri from JapJi Sahib, Panch Parvan, are decorated with new musical colors and instruments that were rarely heard before from Mardana a real treat for your ears and soul!

With the new version of the healing mantra Ra Ma Da Sa... the three musicians spent a long time wondering if there really needed to be another version of this popular mantra and the answer was "yes". And that's a good decision, because the beautiful melody is easy to sing along with, and you immediately come into that healing flow that carries you, protects you, and bestows light upon you.

With the last piece,
Longtime Sunshine Bliss, the album finds a worthy and crowning conclusion. Newly composed by Gurbasant Singh, this popular piece, which traditionally finishes all Kundalini Yoga sessions, opens the heart, touches deeply, and ends in a state of real "Bliss" with long Saaat Nam's.


  • Re Man Trance (14:46)
  • Hari Naam Alignment (11:57)
  • Universal Panch Parvan (13:06)
  • Re Man 11.000 Japas (23:24)
  • Healing Ra Ma Da Sa (11:51)
  • Longtime Sunshine Bliss (04:49)
    Bonus Track - Download only:
  • Re Man 11.000 Japas 50x Loop (24:36) (without Intro and Outro)

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