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In Devotion - Jastek Kaur CD

In Devotion - Jastek Kaur CD

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British singer and Yogini Jastek Kaur presents her debut album In Devotion with melodies and musical ideas which matured over several years and result in a musical style carried by lightness and joy. Her graceful voice softly reminds us of this lightness, the innate high vibration that we can always invoke with this music.

In Devotion is Jastek Kaur's first album of work in the world of sacred song. It offers transformational, healing mantras with blissful melodies complimented by her radiantly healing voice. Her background in jazz and love of free expression, lends itself beautifully to the sacred sound current, active within the mantra. This album is perfect for use in Kundalini Yoga, meditation and as a teaching tool, as the tracks are the ideal length for practice. The album soothes the soul and illuminates the heart, and as its name suggests, it is truly ‘In Devotion’ to the Beloved.

The arrangements are kept deliberately reduced, however, perhaps particularly because of this, a wonderful meditative space is created whose doors are open and which invites us to linger. Seven different mantra classics from the Kundalini Yoga tradition offer a wide basis for your own yoga and meditation practice and are just as well perfect as background music. In Devotion is a mantra album that, due to its pleasant unobtrusiveness and the beautiful melodies, can also be run continuously to increase the vibration of a room or yoga space.

Jastek Kaur has been working throughout her life on a karmic theme of creative expression and freedom. Undertaking a deep personal journey to transform and heal her throat chakra led her to become an accomplished jazz singer. Humbly following her path in healing, she has gracefully blossomed into a devotional singer. Jastek's voice has a notable resonance of truth that soothes the soul and expands the heart.

"I feel deeply blessed to use my voice in devotional song, to work with the sacred sound vibration is my service and my bliss".

Born in the 1970's to devotee parents, she has practised meditation from a young age. Jastek was drawn to the practice of Kundalini Yoga through her recognition of the devotion to the beloved and the transformational power of the sacred mantra. She now teaches Kundalini Yoga from her home in Cornwall, UK.


  • Sat Nam (11:00)
  • Adi Shakti (11:11)
  • I am, I am (11:40)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (12:15)
  • Guru Ram Das (06:50)
  • Sa Ta Na Ma (15:00)
  • Sat Siri Siri Akal (07:25)

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