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 Blessings of a Woman - Satkirin Kaur CD

Blessings of a Woman - Satkirin Kaur CD

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The most powerful prayer in the universe is the prayer of the mother. The beautiful Mantra- and Yoga Chant-album Blessings of a Woman by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa contains a mix of upbeat world rhythms and tranquilizing sounds that can be used both during yoga classes and deep relaxation, or simply to enjoy.

Created for both women and men, and everyone who wants to transform, excel, and be radiant, Blessings of a Woman contains ancient mantra meditations that focus the mind and develop one's compassionate heart. Masterfully produced by Thomas Barquee, this album features Satkirin's mesmerizing vocals accompanied by other guest-artists such as Amrit Kirtan (vocals), Girish on tablas and Simone Sello on Cello. Musicians from Calcutta, India, round up this album masterfully!

Blessings of a Woman also contains a wonderful new version of the old classic Noble Woman ("Nobility") – a beautiful affirmation for women.

"Beautiful resonating tones of classical indian acoustic instruments, latin percussion, guitar and tabla beat combine with the soothing vocals of Satkirin Kaur, to draw the listener into a deep state of quite peace."
- Savi Kaur.

1. Power of a Mother's Prayer: Amrit Peevho (10:05)
2. Living your Truth (Noble Woman): Nobility is Happiness (08:20)
3. Feeling the Bliss of your Soul: Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio (07:22)
4. Meditation for a Wise Heart: Aad Guray Nameh (07:15)
5. Meditation to Remove Fear: Akal Sahaaee, Hari Haraaee (11:14)
6. Meditation to Feel Supported : Gobinda Gobinda…GobinDaah (08:22)
7. From a Woman, Man is Born: Bhand Jameeai, Bhand Nimeeai (09:46)
8. Raga Mala for Divine Mother Earth: Ambient relaxation music (08:45).

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