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Potala Tibetan Incense, 27 sticks

Potala Tibetan Incense, 27 sticks

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Potala tibetan incense sticks are said to expel bad energies. They are mainly used for special ceremonies and events like high Tibetan religious festivals, but also on auspicious days to create an atmosphere of inner happiness and harmony. We refer to these sticks like a special Sunday incense.

Contents: 27 sticks (approx. 42 g)
Length approx. 19 cm.

Tibetan incense sticks are completely natural, made by hand and without synthetic substances. The sticks are made of herbs and plants woods, which are used in Tibetan medicine, especially during religious ceremonies and meditation. It is said that the burning of the evil spirit and the bad thoughts will be banned and that it protects the user against negative forces. In addition, the warm scent envelops and gives purity and reassurance. The Tibetan Incense Sticks are made from a kind of dough that is kneaded by hand for a very long time, using water and at least 25 different herbs in highest purity in different compositions, then shaped and gently dried in the shade to preserve fragrance and quality. The herbs that grow naturally in the Himalayas are carefully selected and harvested. It is said that the plants that grow in this area have strong healing powers, which is due to its close proximity to the gods.

Tibetan Incense

Tibetan Incense

Tibetan Incense are purely natural and manufactured by hand without any synthetic substances. They are pure, authentic and traditional

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