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 Good Company - Satkirin Kaur CD

Good Company - Satkirin Kaur CD

Kundalini Yoga Mantra and Meditation Music

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Satkirin Kaur's album Good Company beautifully and transcendently evokes the words of the Shabad Guru - the divine sound current - and gives us the gift of being in the realm of exalted spirits.
The pure essence of enlightened beings literally resides in this sacred musical poetry, so that by listening to this CD, we literally have the company of the authors of the Shabad, which are the Gurus of the Sikhs themselves. We cannot ask for better company than this!


  • Merey Sahiba (8:41)
  • Aykaa Maa-ee (7:00)
  • Nasaro Mansoor Gur Gobind Singh (7:35)
  • Ray Man Eh Bidh Jog (5:21)
  • Wahe Guru (5:21)
  • Kio Singaar (7:35)
  • Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur (4:19)

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