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Anatomy of Miracles - Subagh Singh Khalsa

Anatomy of Miracles - Subagh Singh Khalsa

Practical Teachings for Developing Your Capacity to Heal

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Begin today to access your own miraculous healing abilities!

Each of us has an innate capacity for healing: to heal ourselves, to heal others, and to help others heal themselves. Anatomy of Miracles: Practical Teachings for Developing Your Capacity to Heal provides the guidance necessary for you to develop that talent. Working in the tradition of Guru Ram Das, the great sixteenth-century Indian saint and fourth Guru of the Sikh faith, Subagh Singh Khalsa takes you step by step through meditation and awareness exercises that awaken innate healing power, using the centuries-old yogic healing system of Sat Nam Rasayan.

In Anatomy of Miracles, Khalsa makes available to everyone the treasured healing system of Sat Nam Rasayan, a nurturing mystical heritage with roots reaching back more than four hundred years. This practical and lucid book teaches us how to live in the Sacred Space we each have within and how to practice the sensitive process that leads to awareness, balance, inner happiness, peace, and flexibility—the essentials of healing. As with any activity at which one wishes to excel, developing your healing capacity requires focused energy and diligent practice. Just as people who want to play the piano must do their finger exercises, people who want to develop their capacity to heal need to stretch and strengthen the right spiritual muscles. It's as simple—and as mysterious—as that.

"An exceptional and necessary book. Anatomy of Miracles does a wonderful job of teaching the elegant principles and simple practices of Sat Nam Rasayan healing. It is the essential guide to mastering neutral, loving awareness and applying that awareness to the healing of yourself and others. This book will teach you [how] to serve others with your personal spiritual practice."
- Guru Dev Singh

"Sensitive and caring words offering much wisdom."
- Bernie Siegel. M.D.

Paperback, format approx. 15,3 x 22,8 cm
142 pages
KRI certified: in accordance with the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
Language: English.

This book is also available as German Edition:

Pure Healing - Heilen mit Meditation Pure Healing - Heilen mit Meditation

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