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Mantras of Joy - Julia Elena & Yvonne Lamberty CD

Mantras of Joy - Julia Elena & Yvonne Lamberty CD

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On their joint music project Mantras of Joy, two highly talented musicians and singers unite: Julia Elena and Yvonne Lamberty. Together, they create a gentle, floating sound journey through the energy and magic of ancient mantras from different traditions, including classics such as the Gayatri Mantra or various Kundalini Yoga mantras.

Their fine and bright voices fit perfectly together and complement each other in perfect harmony. They carry the mantras on relaxing, partly orchestral soundscapes into a heavenly space in which unity, light, love and harmony become present, and the soul is warmly flattered.

The successful debut album Mantras of Joy of the two singers is ingeniously produced and makes us look forward to further follow-up albums!

Julia & Yvonne say about their common project:
It doesn't happen very often that you 'click' with a person. And by no means at all when you hit the recording studio for the first time together and have to sing. We felt like we had never done anything else but to sing together, almost as one person, and bring powerful energy fields into existence through these old and mystic Mantras. Everything felt right: It was the right moment, surrounded by the right people, all together in the right place. The magic of synchronicity!“


  • Moola Mantra (07:33)
  • Om Asato Ma (05:46)
  • Jai Radha Madhav (08:29)
  • Gayatri Mantra (08:42)
  • Guru Guru (Guru Ram Das Mantra) (06:57)
  • Om Hari Om (06:06)
  • Maitri (05:48)
  • Sa Ta Na Ma (07:04)

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