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Gong Meditations for Addiction - Mark Swan CD

Gong Meditations for Addiction - Mark Swan CD

Gong meditations for addictions

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Track 1, Confront, Cleanse and Clear: (17:31)

  • Gong 1, Chiron highlights our deep seated ego wounds and draws them to the surface. Known as the Sound Healer’s Gong, Chiron finds a way to the heart of the matter and shakes us up in a maverick and probing fashion. There isn’t a single dark thought that Chiron isn’t afraid to dislodge and bring out and up for healing. Chiron makes sense of the turmoil and pain. Allow this Gong and its eclectic sounds to heal you. Keep breathing deeply and relax.
  • Gong 2, Pluto clears away the old and outdated, allowing us to shuffle off the broken and redundant. Taking us down into the depths, Pluto urges us to let go of the old wounds that lie there and experience a little death of sorts so that we may rise up Phoenix like, reborn and renewed. Concentrate on letting go on each exhale and hold no tension in your body.
  • Gong 3, Nibiru literally crosses in front of our path in life. It confronts us, stops us and shunts us in the right direction. Urging us to evolve and step up Nibiru works powerfully on us on a cellular level. This gong has an intense, sometimes uncomfortable energy which drills into us driving out the low consciousness vibrations and redundant thought patterns. Relax your jaw and mouth throughout.

Track 2, Direction, Diligence and Perseverance: (16:49)
Once cleansed and clear, we must adhere to a program of sobriety. This means working on self-discipline and maintaining a healthy ongoing regime in our lives. Be it drink, drugs, food, sex or any damaging behavior abstinence is a key part of recovery. The hardest part about doing this is the first step. This next track teaches us that discipline and energizes us to stay resolute and strong.

  • Gong 1, Saturn is the task master. It rules all laws and represents finality and authority. As humans we labor under the law of gravity. We also need air, food and sleep. These are defining rules that govern our existence. Saturn teaches us to be steady, manage and use time wisely. Work patiently and steadily within a program or structured format. Saturn says, ’Work hard, take each day as it comes and think of the big picture’.
  • Gong 2, Mars urges us to be courageous and decisive, it leads from the front and says, ’Get up and do it! Start being the person you need to be. Today is that day, right now is that moment’. Mars inspires and develops self-mastery. Mars helps you to marshal and direct your energy to becoming whole again.
  • Gong 3, The Sidereal Earth Gong works on the Root Chakra where we often display holding patterns of behavior. These can keep us overtly protected and closed both physically and mentally allowing no growth or expansion. Tuned to the energy of a single day on Earth this Gong is invigorating and especially good first thing in the morning. It keeps us energized and opens us up to the prospect of positive change.

Track 3, Relax, expand and love yourself: (20:52)
Having faith in the belief that you are infinitely and divinely Ioved will help prevent triggering your addictive behaviors. This last track is perhaps the most beautiful and uplifting of this three part program. Relaxing and affirming, the three Gongs in this last section combine to support you in keeping you stress and anxiety free and endow you with a sense of wellbeing and core love.

  • Gong 1, Uranus is the champion of change and new behavior. When we feel ourselves slipping back into old ways and patterns, this mighty little Gong, and principle force behind the energy of the Aquarian Age, reminds us that change is a good thing and that the day belongs to us as well as anyone else. Perhaps dropping old friends and modifying your behavior with family members might not be what you want to do, but necessary for your well-being and peace of mind. ‘Be different’ it proclaims. Its ok, you can do this! Working on the third eye Uranus stimulates and inspires.
  • Gong 2, Venus teaches us to love ourselves unconditionally. If we love ourselves enough we won’t act out. Coming from a place of empowered self-love, we can override the old patterns and be free to experience a new centered and autonomous existence. Venus creates balance and aligns our head and heart. Beauty and self-acceptance resound in its vibrations. The sacred Mother and Divine feminine are unconditionally present in its tones. Breathe long and deep into the pit of the stomach and have your fill.
  • Gong 3, The Sun Gong. This Gong will help you stay powerful and purified. The Sun Gong cuts through ALL negativity and lifts us up into its mighty Solar Heart, the centre of our Solar System. All things are possible in its radiance. Its healing energy knows no limits. The Sun reminds us that we are truly divine and the result of billions of years of evolution. The universe does not work incorrectly, you are exactly where you need be on your path. The Sun Gong empowers and creates within you a sovereign state of consciousness from where you can reign and shine forth, abundant and fulfilled.

Mark Swan has been a Gong Master as well as Reiki and Seichem Master for over 10 years and is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, teaching under his given spiritual name Satjit Singh. Holding Gong bath events across the planet is his live's work. His passion for self-help and personal growth has led him to work in such countries as America, South East Asia and Egypt, as well as the U.K.

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