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Mera Man Sadh Janaa - Chardi Kala Jatha CD

Mera Man Sadh Janaa - Chardi Kala Jatha CD

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Meraa Man Saadh Janaa contains classical Indian music, sung in traditional Raag. With their incredible and distinctive music, Chardi Kala Jatha guide the listener into a realm of powerfully-intense Kirtan.

This pure Shabad-album is another masterpiece of rich male vocals, upbeat rhythms and expert instrumentation – definitely a must have for Gurbani Kirtan enthusiasts.

The deep voices of the three Chardi Kala Jatha musicians blend and weave together beautifully accompanied by intricate Tabla playing, Harmonium, and Indian Violin.


  • Raaj Jog Takhat Deean Gur Raamdaas (8:40)
  • Raamdaas Sarovar Naate (8:10)
  • Dhan Dhan Raamdaas Gur (10:59)
  • Kiaa Savanaa Kiaa Jaaganaa (10:41)
  • Meraa Man Sadh Janaa Mil Hareaa (13:58)

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