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Ichhaa Purakh - Charhdi Kalaa Jatha CD

Ichhaa Purakh - Charhdi Kalaa Jatha CD

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Classical Indian music, sung in traditional Raag, Charhdi Kalaa Jetha's first album was created after years of study under Ustaad Narinder Singh Sandhu. Their rich voices and expert instrumentals make this album a favorite amongst lovers of gurbani kirtan.

Their deep voices blend and weave together beautifully accompanied by intricate tabla playing, harmonium, and Indian violin.

The Chardi Kala Jatha consists of three musicians, Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa, and Hari Mander Jot Singh Khalsa. They sing classical Gurbani Kirtan in traditional raag as taught to them from the classical music master Ustaad Narinder Singh Sandhu. The Jatha travels the world playing gurbani kirtan at gurudwaras. They feel blessed to have played on many special occasions at the Golden Temple, Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar.

1. Ichhaa Purakh Sarab Sukhdaataa Har
2. Mai Andhule Kee Tek
3. Soi Dhiaaeeai Jeearhe
4. Jagat Jalandaa Rakh Lai
5. Hum Sar Deen Deaal Na Tum Sar

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