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Celestial - Sirisat Kaur Julia Claire CD

Celestial - Sirisat Kaur Julia Claire CD

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Over 40,000 years ago the science of sound was discovered with healing properties, forming a part of Yoga to harmonize body, mind and spirit. These sounds were channelled by enlightened beings in sacred languages such as Latin, Sanskrit and Gurmukhi from India.
This is known as Mantra or Naad Yoga, transmitted through the Golden Chain of Teachers over the ages, and brought to the West by the Master Yogi Bhajan. Each Mantra may be danced in a creative form as a meditation to heal, elevate and energize using Mudras, specific positions of the hands. This is Celestial Dance, an inspirational way to connect with the Infinite.

Sirisat Kaur aka Julia Claire (Lead and backing Vocals, music, lyrics, piano and guitar), known as a musician with a wonderful voice by many from productions like Peace of Mind with Mata Mandir Singh, presents her first mantra-CD with beautiful melodies, dancable and changing rhythms and sounds. She teaches workshops with “Celestial Dance” in Spain and other countries. She is being musically supported by Carles Reig (Drums, percussions, flutes, Music, synthesizer, background vocals, production and arrangements).


  • Searching (Ong Namo) 8:47
  • Protection (Ad Gurei Name) 8:33
  • Prayer (Guru Ram Das) 8:08
  • Healing (Ra Ma Da Sa) 9:13
  • Peace (Ek Ong Kar) 7:15
  • Happiness (Ang Sang Wahe Guru) 9:25
  • Freedom (Silent Mantra) 5:35.

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