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Patsahi Dasvee - Prof. Surinder Singh CD

Patsahi Dasvee - Prof. Surinder Singh CD

Item No: KH-470
9,95  incl. 19% VAT

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Patsahi Dasvee – A tribute to the king of my soul is a very special album by Prof. Surinder Singh and the Raaj Academy ensemble. This album was prepared and released as a small gesture of gratitude and appreciation to the life, work and great contribution of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, a true Warrior Saint, who was the 10th Sikh Master.

With classical Indian Raag, and played on traditional instruments only, framing capturing vocals and devotional singing, Patsahi Dasvee is an album of rare depth and uniqueness. The instruments used by Prof. Surinder Singh and his fellow musicians are: Rabab, Saranda, Sarod, Sarasvatee Veena, Shenai, Sarangi, Taus, Diluba, Swar Mandal, Flute, Tanpura, Tabla and other percussions.

On this classical Indian music album, Professor Surinder Singh presents the following Raags and Shabads:

Shaan & Mangala Charan - Raag Sorath (06:54)
Sorath conveys the feeling of having such a strong belief in something that you want to keep repeating the experience. In fact this feeling of certainty is so strong that you become the belief and live that belief. The atmosphere of Sorath is so powerful, that eventually even the most unresponsive listener will be attracted.

Prabh Joo To Kah Laaj Hamaaree - Raag Sorath (13:28)

Praanee Param Purakh Pag Lago - Raag Ramkali (13:14)
The emotions in Ramkali are like those of a wise teacher disciplining their student. The student is aware of the pain of learning, but is still conscious of the fact that ultimately it is for the best. In this way Ramkali conveys the change from all that we are familiar with, to something we are certain will be better.

So Kim Manas Roop Kahai - Raag Bilaval (14:35)
Bilaval conveys the emotions of great happiness that come from having attained a goal or achieved an aim. It is an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction and joy that is experienced when the accomplishment is very important and dear to you. The happiness felt is like laughing out loud, there is no planning or any ulterior motive; it's just a natural expression of heartfelt happiness arising from a sense of achievement.

Keval Kal-ee Kartar - Raag Tilang Kafi (07:59)
As with Tilang, this Raag contains the feeling that your effort has been unappreciated, when trying to impress someone. However, in contrast to Raag Tilang, the individual is unperturbed by this feeling. This differentiating aspect arises from the deep love for the person concerned, which prevents the in¬dividual from becoming annoyed at the apparent lack of approval.

Bin Kartar Na Kirtam Mano - Raag Kaliyaan (10:31)
Kaliyaan has a forceful, yet flexible nature. It conveys a desire for something and an attitude to attain it, by whatever means possible. Although determined in its desire, Kaliyaan sometimes uses an ac¬commodating approach and at other times has an aggressive approach, in order to reach its goal. This Raag has a determined, forceful, yet persuasive character, through which it fulfills its desire.

Mitar Piyarai Noo Hal Mureeda Da - Raag Tilang (11:39)
Tilang is full of the feeling of having tried hard to impress, but the feeling that the effort made has not been appreciated. However, the atmosphere is not of anger or being upset, but of brooding, as the person you are trying to impress is very dear to you.

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