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 Awakened Earth - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Awakened Earth - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Item No: KH-417
9,75  incl. 19% VAT

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Markus and Angelika have done it again! With Awakened Earth, their music has flourished to brighter, broader and yet deeper places in the sacred music spectrum. Opening with the hauntingly beautiful sound of the duduk, the album continues on to astonish you with its rich layers of beauty. Angelika's sweet, soaring voice glides in such simple and evocative harmony with Markus' gentle rich singing.

This is the second musical partnership with producer Jamshied Sharifi, and like their album A Hundred Blessings, this album invites you to a magical exploration of the undiscovered worlds that music can lead you into.

With amazing guest-musician performances from Yoed Nir on Cello, Anders Boström on Flute, Roubik Aroutiounian on Duduk, and Megan Gould on Violin and Viola, the refined musicianship on this album is truly unique. Adding to this, the Keyboards, Accordion and Bass of multi-talented musician Jamshied creates rich, warm and soothing textures throughout the music. The intertwining of Markus’ guitar and Angelika’s harp, together with their two harmonizing voices, carries their signature sound through the entire album.

Awakened Earth is definitely one our our special recommendations. Mirabai Ceiba have made yet another huge step in their musical qualities, their depth and feeling. Especially the song Go In Beauty is a heart-opener on cold and difficult days, and the entire music is so soul-comforting, uplifting and full of love, that it's hard to hold the tears of joy...

More Information about Mirabai Ceiba you will find here: Meditation music by Mirabai Ceiba


  • Ong Namo - Divine Wisdom (7:48)
  • Aad Gurey Nameh - Protection (6:02)
  • Har Mukanday – Liberation (8:57)
  • Sat Gur Prasad - Blessing of Life (7:44)
  • Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnaee - Taking Refuge (8:43)
  • Sat Siri Siri Akal - Aquarian Age (7:42)
  • Shree Ma - Universal Mother (5:04)
  • Oh, My Soul - Kabir's Song (4:45)
  • Go In Beauty (2:58)

Mirabai Ceiba are:

  • Angelika Baumbach - vocals, harp, piano, harmonium
  • Markus Sieber - vocals, guitars

Benjamin Wittman – percussion
Megan Gould - violin & viola
Anders Boström - bamboo flutes
Yoed Nir - cello, electric 'cello
Ramesh Kannan - tabla
Roubik Aroutiounian - duduk
Jamshied Sharifi - keyboards, accordion, bass, electric guitar.

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