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 Wake Up - Amrit Sadhana Singh & Friends CD

Wake Up - Amrit Sadhana Singh & Friends CD

Elevate Your Spirit

Item No: KH-928
9,95  incl. 19% VAT

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The inspiration to record this new album Wake Up came with the creation of the melody for the Shabad Sagal Manorath. Amrit Sadhana Singh sang it over and over again and the desire arose to share it with the world.

Accordingly, the recordings were made with a "tailwind" that everyone could literally feel. And so the channels were opened, or rather: the spirit was awakened to all the new melodies that make Wake Up a great mantra album.

This is how the melody to the mantra Ang Sang Wahe Guru came about in one of Amrit Sadhana Singh's weekly yoga classes, when he spontaneously played the mantra with his guitar for deep relaxation. It was very similar with the melody for Pavan Guru, which came into being when he taught the subject of breath and pranayama in a yoga teacher training course and led a meditation with this mantra.

Many participants of the European Yoga Festival wanted the Wake Up Song, which Amrit Sadhana Singh played live with a group of musicians early in the morning, to finally be recorded.

The Shabad Bhand Jammee-ai was first presented at a concert evening at the German Yoga Festival in Oberlehte, with a lot of positive feedback and the question on which CD the piece could be found on. It has been given a special place of honour on this album because the musicians literally merged with the sound stream when recording this wonderful shabad – a magical moment that you can hear and feel!

Adi Shakti came about at the last minute: Amrit Sadhana was preparing for the next day when suddenly the melody and the mantra Adi Shakti came into being. He played it a few times and refined the melody, and so the idea of recording it manifested itself. When he presented it to his fellow musicians the next day, everyone was immediately enthusiastic, which was impressively reflected in the individual vocals – another magical moment.

May this music lift your spirit and let you experience magical moments too, as we often experience when we sing!


  • Ajai Alai (11:10)
  • Sagal Manorath (07:20)
  • Wake Up Song (05:24)
  • Pavan Guru (11:08)
  • Ang Sang Wahe Guru (11:02)
  • Adi Shakti (05:09)
  • Bhand Jammee-ai (06:47)

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