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Sacred Chants Of Buddha -Craig Preuss CD

Sacred Chants Of Buddha -Craig Preuss CD

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The Buddhist tradition of the world is centered on the quest for enlightenment - when the veils of delusion are peeled away and the true majestic nature of our inner most Self is revealed in all its glory. Love, compassion, generosity, dispassion, caring, friendliness and happiness all naturally blossom in everyday life.
Buddha represents silence - the stillness that can come in the mind (samadhi). This is when the mind naturally begins to cease its constant vacillation between worry of the future or regrets about the past - when the whole awareness comes to the present moment "Shunia". Such beauty and fullness is found there.

Also termed by athletes as "being in the zone", this natural state of awareness accompanies peak performance in all fields of human endeavour. That Presence is stillness inside, alertness, clarity of mind and peace - even in the midst of dynamic activity. Thus the human nervous system is far more effective, responsive, and action far more powerful.

Take time from the hectic pace of modern living and experience the Silence of Buddha thought through these recordings. Close your eyes and sit between the speakers. Breathe deeply and relax your body and let the music wash over you.


  • Vajra Guru Mantra 15:35
  • Buddham Sharanam 15:54
  • Om Mani Padme Hum 15:22
  • Om Tara 15:40

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