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 Buddha Box Hari Tea assortment, organic, 11 teabags

Buddha Box Hari Tea assortment, organic, 11 teabags

Assortment pack with 11 different Hari Teas

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The Hari Tea Buddha Box contains all 11 Hari Teas in single sealed cotton teabags, each with a single little card about the history of the tea.

Contents: 1 cotton teabag of the 11 Hari Teas:

  • Ginger & Lemon "Mindscape!"
  • Golden Chai "In Harmony"
  • Green Tea & Flowers "Mind Scape"
  • Grean Tea & Mint "Inner Flow"
  • Hibiscus & Mint "New Sensation"
  • Honeybush & Cinnamon "Tummy in Harmony"
  • Jasmine Tea & Ginger "Within and Without"
  • Linden flowers & Chamomile "Heart Center Calm"
  • Rooibos Chai "Inner Connection"
  • Spicy Choco Chai "Mystery of Desire"
  • Rose & Hibiscus "Face the Moment!"

Gewicht: 11 x 2 g = 22 g netto.

More information about the author or artist, about the product or the publisher/producer:

Hari Tea - A new Dimension

Hari Tea - A new Dimension

Hari Tea offers a new horizon of tea. Experience the silence. Each Hari Tea is packed in a cotton teabag so it can fully unfold its flavour.

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Golden Chai:
Black tea* (30%), honeybush*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, orange peel*, cloves*, turmeric root*, rose petals*.
Green Tea & Flowers:
Sencha green tea * (64%), linden flowers*, lemon grass*, elderflower* (3%), basilic*, rose petals*, turmeric root*, black pepper*.
Green Tea & Mint:
Sencha green tea * (44%), peppermint* (42%), spearmint*, blackberry leaf*, orange oil*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, rose petals*, chili extract*
Honeybush & Cinnamon:
Cinnamon* (20%), honeybush* (15%), rosemary*, fennel*, coriander*, ginger*, anise*, cardamom*, black pepper*, blackberry leaf*, star anise*, lemon grass*, jasmine green tea* (2%), turmeric root*, rose petals*, cloves*, bay leaf*.
Jasmine Tea & Ginger:
Jasmine green tea* (42%), ginger* (21%), lemon grass*, turmeric root*, peppermint*, ginkgo*, black pepper*, rose petals*.
Linden flowers & Chamomile:
Linden flowers* (52%), chamomile* (26%), ginger*, sage*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, rose petals*.
Spicy Choco Chai:
Cocoa shells* (54%), anise*, blackberry leaf*, cornfl ower, ginger*, hibiscus*, cinnamon*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, coconut*, lavender fl owers*, chilli pepper* (1%), vanilla* (1%), natural flavour, rose petals*.
Rooibos Chai:
Rooibos* (52%), thyme* (11%), lemon grass*, honeybush*, cardamom*, peppermint*, cinnamon*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, lemon juice*, orange peel*, rose petals*.
Rose & Hibiscus:
Rose hips*, apple*, fennel*, hibiscus* (17%), beetroot*, blackberry leaf*, rose petals* (3%), natural rose flavour*, juniper berry*, black pepper*, white pepper*, bay leaf*, lavender flowers*, turmeric root*, ginger*.

Storage & Use:

Store in a cool, dry place


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NL-1017 XS Amsterdam

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