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Dewa Che - Dechen Shak-Dagsay CD

Dewa Che - Dechen Shak-Dagsay CD

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On this album The Tibetan singer sings for the first time a collection of beautiful, old and new Tibetan mantras. These are ideal for meditation and activation of self-healing powers. "Dewa Che" means "inner peace". A worldwide bestseller!

The mantras, combined with the wonderful voice, open the heart and prepare for the encounter with the self. This CD provides comfort and healing away from all the popular clichés.
While listening, you experience the depth and infinite healing. This music is therefore very suitable for meditation or just to listen to and enjoy. A CD that really evokes deep emotions, detached and liberated. The music is so beautiful and haunting, that the tears roll down the cheeks, just like this.
While listening, you realize how to become inwardly always quiet. The accompanying music is rather in the background so that the wonderful can do their effect.
Although most Western listeners will not understand the meaning of the Mantras, the vibration and special language of the mantras will arrive deep within.

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