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The Silence of Mantras - Lex van Someren CD

The Silence of Mantras - Lex van Someren CD

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On his CD The Silence of Mantras, multi talent Lex van Someren presents healing mantras for body, mind and soul on the highest level. The sounds and rhythms are soothing, harmonious and sublime. Enchanting choir arrangements and solo voices of Lex van Someren and Karoline Ströher, subtly mixed with a variety of musical instruments and sounds, create a synthesis of relaxing mantra music to uplift your heart and soul.

A wide spectrum of instruments such as flute, violin, oboe, guitar, piano, cello and many others create a symphonic soundscape which lead you directly into a realm of silence. Inner peace can unfold, so you can gain new inspiration and energy. A highlight of this album is the new arrangement of Ave Maria in a new, refreshing composition by Ashana - truly majestic! Another highlight is the new version of the Guru Ram Das Mantra in which Lex van Someren captures empatheticly the wonderful heart-energy of this mantra.


  • Om Bhagavan (9:31)
  • Ave Maria – Kmposition von Ashana (14:28)
  • Mere Gurudev (10:00)
  • Asatoma II (9:35)
  • Om Mani Padme Hum (8:11)
  • Guru Ram Das II (9:47)
  • Hallelujah –Pachelbel (8:04)

Total time: 69:56 Min.

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