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Gayatri Mantras - Lex van Someren CD

Gayatri Mantras - Lex van Someren CD

with Stephanie M'Aria

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This CD is trule a pearl for the heart, containing several magical interpreatations of the world famous Gayatri Mantra and of the new holy mantra from South America "Calma e Tranquilidade".

In cooperation with arranger/composer Frank Steiner and Stephanie M'Aria, Lex van Someren has accomplished a completely new soundscape again that reminds the listener to an inner world of visions of the soul. Fabulous choir arrangements and solo voices intermingle with all kinds of instruments and sounds, featuring excellent solos on cello by Vache Bagratuni from Armenia.

This music evokes an extraordinary experience of liveliness, silence and devotion, inviting the listener to sing along, to dance gently, or to relax, to meditate, contemplate or to use it for healing work. For us, this is one of the most outstanding productions of the last time, whith a depth and balance of such power that it can touch you deeply inside.


  • Gayatri I (10:15)
  • Calma e Tranquilidade (8:37)
  • Gayatri II (15:52)
  • Calma e Tranquilidade II (34:42), including:
    a. Intro (14:16)
    b. Mantra Calm (8:06)
  • Rainforest & Mantra (9:17)
  • Mantra Rhythmic 1 (5:09)
  • Mantra Rhythmic 2 (4:11)
  • Outro (3:44)

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