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Meré Mun My Mind, VOL. 3 & 4 - Prof. Surinder Singh 2 CD-Set

Meré Mun My Mind, VOL. 3 & 4 - Prof. Surinder Singh 2 CD-Set

Shabads & Music from the Sikh Scriptures, Vol. 3-4

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The CD Collection Meré Mun by Prof. Surinder Singh is a unique compilation of authentic, classical Indian music and an extraordinary musical presentation of the variety of musical styles and dialects from the sacred scriptures of the Sikh tradition. With each of the 8 volumes the incredibly rich and wonderful musical tradition of the Sikhs is revived.

This music is truly something very special, since it is exclusively performed with ancient, traditional Indian instruments, which were maintained in their originality throughout the historical changes of India, and have not been transformed due to western influences. This authenticity and strength finds its accomplished musical expression through Prof. Surinder Singhs musical skills, his incredible voice and a circle of selected masterful musicians.

The words on each of the tracks of all 8 CDs originate from the i>Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of the Sikhs which contains written compositions from some of the Sikh Gurus as well as from other Saints, Sages and Yogis of different spiritual directions and which in its totality praises the greatness of God and the universality of the spiritual path. The profound mantric power of these words finds a perfected form in Prof. Surinder Singhs music.

the 8 different CDs from the Meré Mun Collection are put together in 2 CD-Sets, giving you an extended and complete feast for your ears, mind and soul. .

Contents of this 2 CD-Set:
Meré Mun – My Mind – Volumes 3 & 4


Volume 3

  • Naam Japo Mere Saajan Saina (09:52)
  • Ho Andin Har Naam Kirtan Karow (07:49)
  • Mann Nimane Tu Dhanee Tera Bharvasa (09:07)
  • Poota Mata Ke Aasees (09:46)
  • So Parabh Nerai Who Te Nerai (11:47)
  • Kiaa Jana Kiv Marhege (06:41)

Volume 4

  • Aavoh Miloh Sahileho Sachra Naam Laihan (08:34)
  • Sachra Sahib Sach Tu (05:46)
  • Sorath Taam Suhavanee (07:43)
  • Gur Ka Bachan Basai Ji Nale (07:44)
  • Har Ju Rakh Leho Pat Meree (06:19)
  • Har Bisarat Sada Khuaaree (08:08)
  • Meharvan Sahib Meharvan (08:09)

Tip: The Meré Mun Collection is also available as complete set with all 8 CDs (4 double-CDs) in a Deluxe Box with extra 194 pages booklet :

Meré Mun - Prof. Surinder Singh 8 CD Deluxe-Box Meré Mun - Prof. Surinder Singh 8 CD Deluxe-Box

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