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Good Sight Mandala, format 21 x 28 cm

Good Sight Mandala, format 21 x 28 cm

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The Good Sight Mandala is a Yantra that can be used for meditation. Yantras have been used in ancient India for meditation, to relax the eyes and positively stimulate brain activity.

A Tratakam Meditation (Sanskrit: Tratakam = Stare) with the Good Sight Mandala interrupts the unconscious stare, can release tensions in the eye area and brings back the eyes with their healthy speed into their sakkadic movements (sight movements, spontaneous movements, spontaneous gaze movements).

This form of meditation balances both brain hemispheres, focuses the mind, enhances one's ability to concentrate, invigorates the mental power, strengthens the projection ability, initiates a visual cleansing, and helps on the mental level to dissolve preconceived opinions, refine visual perception and fine art Eyesight. It creates a sense of integrity and clarity while improving memory.

Good Sight Mandala card.
Format approx. A4: 21 x 28 cm.

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