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Live from Spirit Fest - Various Artists CD

Live from Spirit Fest - Various Artists CD

With Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, GuruGanesha, Gurunam, and more...

Item No: KH-733
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Immerse yourself in the magical experience of the music at Spirit Fest, the Kundalini Yoga music festival held in the USA in Autumn 2010, with these wonderful live recordings. Feel the energy of this sacred gathering on these specially mastered recordings. Carry the festival with you wherever you travel!

The Spirit Fest offers a peaceful yet exuberant landscape where you can connect with your Spirit. Experience a celebration of your bliss through the rich and ancient tradition of Mantra and Kirtan. Enjoy these three days ‘Live’ of chanting, singing and dancing.

Tracks and artists:

Dhan Baba Nanak (11:17) & Que el Eterno Sol (Long Time Sun) (4:55)
Snatam Kaur - Vocals, Harmonium
Gurmukh Kaur - Prayer
GuruGanesha Singh - Vocals, Guitar
Ramesh Kannan - Vocals, Tabla
Ram Dass - Vocals

Oh My Mother (Hey Gobind) (11:09)
Simrit Kaur - Vocals, Harmonium
Dharm Singh - Vocals, Keyboard
Hans Christian - Cello, Sarangi
Pritam Hari - Vocals, Guitar
Ram Dass - Vocals, Clarinet
Kristopher Rein - Tabla

Ra Ma Da Sa (11:10) & Even As Night (5:09)
Angelika Baumbach - Vocals, Harp, Harmonium
Markus Sieber - Vocals, Guitar
Jamshied Sharifi- Keyboard
Ramesh Kannan - Tabla

Aad Guray Nameh (6:52)
Gurunam Singh - Vocals, Guitar
Simrit Kaur - Vocals
Hans Christian - Cello, Sarangi
Pritam Hari - Vocals, Guitar
Kristopher Rein - Tabla

Har Har Har Har Gobinday (7:00)
Sada Sat Kaur - Vocals, Harmonium
Herb Graham, Jr. - Bass, Programming
Sat Kartar - Vocals
Sahib Amar - Viola
Dharm Singh - Vocals

Man Kio Bhairag (11:15)
Nirinjan Kaur - Vocals, Harmonium
GuruGanesha Singh - Vocals, Guitar
Ram Dass - Vocals, Clarinet
Hans Christian - Bass
Ramesh Kannan - Tabla

I See No Stranger (5:01)
Harnam Singh - Vocals, Guitar
Nicole Zuraitis - Vocals
Andy Lowe (Hari Atma) - Bass
Terrence Pompey - Dholak
Amar Khalsa - Flute

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