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Sat Nam! Songs from Khalsa Youth Camp - Snatam Kaur CD

Sat Nam! Songs from Khalsa Youth Camp - Snatam Kaur CD

With Siri Nam Singh & Children Khalsa Youth Camp

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Snatam Kaur’s CD Sat Nam! Songs from Khalsa Youth Camp is a fun-filled album of songs and mantras for children of all ages. Join Snatam Kaur, Siri Nam Singh and the vibrantly singing children on this album as they share favorite songs from Khalsa Youth Camp – the Kundalini Yoga camp for children and Teenagers in Espanola, USA. Snatam Kaur`s band brought flavors of bluegrass, jazz, blues, folk and some special sounds every kid will love to the different tracks on this album, making it a childhood musical adventure every step of the way! Proceeds from this album are donated to the Khalsa Youth Camp.

Credits / musicians and singers:
Snatam Kaur Khalsa: Vocals
Siri Nam Singh Khalsa: Vocals, Guitar
Ram Dass Khalsa: Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Clarinet, Extra Percussion
Todd Boston: Guitar, Mandolin, Flute, Drum Programming
Ramesh Kannan: Percussion
Children’s Vocals (gratitude to all of the KYC 2012 campers and the Khalsa choir):
Surya Bahadur Kaur, Siri Atma Kaur, HarKrishan Kaur, Syrena, Sabby, Karta Kaur, Suraj Kaur, Hari Kirtan Kaur, Shanti Kaur, Abnashi Kaur, Charanjeet Kaur, Jap Preet Kaur, Simran Kaur, Easha Kaur, Astrele, Sophia, Zaela, Simran Preet Kaur, Noelani, Siri Adhi Kaur, Ramrattan Kaur, Paulina, Amrit Kaur, Padmani Kaur, Pria Kaur, Annie (Wang Yi Lin), Liah, Rasnaam Kaur, Sarib Jot Kaur, Sat Darshan Kaur, Maigh Kaur, Sumitra, Katrina, Guru Sahai Kaur, NirnKaar Kaur, Gabriella, Celeste, Sat Darshan Kaur, Sashka, Partap Singh, Shiv Antar Singh, Amrit Dev Singh, Bartholomew, Joshua, Badri, Khramjeet Singh, Vasu Singh, Nirankar Singh, Christian, Ravidas Singh, Ravijeet Singh, Nihal Jot Singh, Clement, Amar Dev Singh, Soren Dunne, Sahib Singh, Hargobind Singh, Asher, Tikvah, Sahibpreet Singh, Sat Kartar Singh, Bobby, Amar Singh, Karuna Light, Anoushka, Nimarjeet Singh, Gursajan Singh, and Gurneha Kaur.

Beloved Songwriters: Siri Nam Singh Khalsa, Christopher Oscar, Michel Dinesh, Lana Maree Haas, Peter Alexander, Wah!, Betsy Rose, Guru Trang Singh Khalsa, Snatam Kaur Khalsa, Ram Dass Khalsa.


  • All The Colors of the Rainbow (2:12)
  • Forever and Ever Mul Mantra (4:24)
  • Share It All (3:44)
  • I’d Rather Be Me (2:46)
  • Driving With Aad Guray Nameh (3:52)
  • As We All Sit Down To Eat (2:14)
  • Ask Your Intuition (2:44)
  • Standing Like A Tree (4:54)
  • Siri Wahe Guru Ji (5:19)
  • The Five Tattvas (6:29)
  • Cool Cat (4:16)
  • Peace and Harmony (5:45)
  • Oh Guru Ram Das (3:26)

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