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Jay Ma - Janin Devi CD

Jay Ma - Janin Devi CD

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The enchanting voice of Janin Devi, coupled with gentle and mellow soundscapes created by Klaus Heitz on his harp sweetly please the ears and caress your heart and soul with delightful melodies and mantras devoted to female divinity. In a unique, meditative and soulful way, Janin Devi’s album Jay Ma is praising Durga, Tara, Devaki und Shakti, composing a poetic hymn for the all-embracing Ma and dancing a passionate tango with Kali.

The music of Jay Ma encourages lucid dreaming! Beautifully arranged, classical instruments like Violin and Cello merge with Duduk, Udu-drum, Bass and Electric Guitar and take you on a journey to the source of female devotion. Its incomparable congeniality creates an athmosphere of distant southern, oriental worlds. May this project be a ray of light for all of us, for every woman, for every man… for all seekers … and especially for all those who believe to have lost their way. May it be a help and support to get back on the path leading to love - to Ma - to themselves.


  • Narayani Namostute (5:38)
  • Ma Durga (5:05)
  • Kali Tango (4:46)
  • Om Tare (4:25)
  • Ave Maria (5:19)
  • Devakinandana Gopala (3:36)
  • Raga (4:59)
  • Universal Mother (8:04)
  • Jay Ma (3:52)

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