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Healing the Wounds of Love - Guru Raj Kaur CD

Healing the Wounds of Love - Guru Raj Kaur CD

Item No: KH-654
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Love brings us to life, gives us courage and inspires us to service and sacrifice. To live fully, we need to learn how to heal the wounds of love which we all carry.

The Shabd Hazaray - also known by its first words Mera Man Lochai is the Shabd Worth 1000 Shabds. It is one of the purest and most powerful love songs ever written. Embedded into the music, frequently appearing, is the mantra Ad Such Jugad Such Haybhay Such Nanak Ho-Si Bhay Such which has the capacity to trencend the energy of Love to even deeper realms. This version of this mantra (with the sounds Haybhay und Bhay replacing the sounds Haybhi and Bhi) is said to remove all obstacles.

This amazingly beautiful CD Healing the Wounds of Love by Guru Raj Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur will take you through that process of deep healing. The meditation is also part of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2, and is certified by the Kundalini Research Insitute (KRI) because it contains 11 repetitions.
The CD includes the full meditation with the shabd and the English translation.


  • The meditation – 11 recitations (47:20)
  • The Shabd (11:40)
  • English Translation (2:43)

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