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Prabh Joo & Naad Kirtan - Master Darshan, Guru Raj Kaur CD

Prabh Joo & Naad Kirtan - Master Darshan, Guru Raj Kaur CD

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The shabad "Prabh Joo To Keh Laaj Hamaaree" by Master Darshan is a wonderful spiritual poem, taken from the scriptures of the Dasam Granth, a holy and very mantric scripture of Sikhism, containing texts composed by the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

It is said that this shabad brings fulfillment to any wish. It is also recommended in some Kundalini Yoga books for listening during exercises and meditations. You will find the complete text and english translation inside the booklet.

The chant "Naad Kirtan" by Guru Raj Kaur is a combination of several Kundalini Yoga mantras and passages from the Jap Ji Sahib – it creates a very powerful atmoshphere which can carry you anywhere.

Both tracks have digitalized from old cassette tapes. They don't have an excellent sound quality, but they carry that unique power, energy and inspiration which will capture the listener right away. They are two "classic treasures"!


  • Prabh Joo To Keh Laaj Hamaaree (23:34)
  • Naad Kirtan (30:46)

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