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Self Healing - Mata Mandir Singh & Friends CD

Self Healing - Mata Mandir Singh & Friends CD

The Yoga of Sound-Series

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On his CD Self Healing from the series The Yoga of Sound, gifted musician and multi-instrumentalist Mata Mandir Singh made it a task to combine the original vibration and power of Kundalini Yoga Mantras with the richness of traditional and modern music.

When we are born, we are blessed with all the tools we need to heal and to maintain ourselves in a healthy, happy, and holy condition. Coming into contact with unnatural enironments and influences can bring us into states of disharmony and imbalance. All healing work essentially does one thing: it creates a situation so the energy can flow again. The chanting of healing mantras relaxes the mind from the constant flow of thoughts, and elevates the mood.

The purpose of Mata Mandir singh's album Self Healing is to bring into use the Kundalini mantras and spiritual poems that have specific healing properties, as well as begin to use a few simple yogic technologies that bring one into balance to begin the healing process, and stay in balance.

Once again, Mata Mandir Singh is joined here by great guest musicians such as the talented classical guitarist Michael Benedik, the outstandingly joyful singer Gurudass Kaur, flute player Katinka Boef or Hari Shabad Singh at thew Mandoline. all together, they weave healing and relaxing music with flowing rhythms and the soothing voice of Mata Mandir Singh.


  • Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (16:03)
  • Mera Baid (16:26)
  • Guru Ram Das (15:35)
  • Wha Yantee 15:40.

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